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  • Price: £1.99
  • Year: from 2010

For Goodness Shakes Powder

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After two years in development, For Goodness Shakes have launched a unique recovery powder with an identical nutrition profile to their ready-to-drink bottles.

Each sachet delivers the optimum ratio for recovery (3:1 carbohydrate to protein) to help replenish glycogen stores after exercise. The formula also includes a mix of fast-release protein (whey) - absorbed instantly by the muscles - and slow-release protein (casein) -  for continued recovery - and provides 6g of essential amino acids to support muscle repair. In addition, a dose of NutriMIX provides a unique combination of 23 vitamins and essential minerals.

The sachets are easy to open and shaped so as to pour easily into a wide-mouthed bottle (avoiding waste and spillage). Minimal shaking is required to achieve the desired consistency and our testers were impressed with how smooth and palatable the resulting drink proved to be. They also found each of the flavours to be on a par with the For Goodness Shakes' ready-made shakes, making these powder sachets an ideal lightweight alternative if you're travelling to races.

Sachets are also available to buy in bulk - 24 sachets are priced at £38.49, 8 mixed sachets and a free bottle at £14.99. Each 80g sachet makes 500ml of recovery drink when mixed with 450ml of water.

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