High5 Protein Recovery

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High5 Protein Recovery

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Recovery drink, with whey protein and L-Glutamine to aid muscle recuperation and growth.High5 emphasises that your body recovers far quicker if you can resupply it within the first two hours after exercise. The whey protein with glutamine (amino acids) helps to build lean muscle and rapidly-absorbed carbohydrate re-energises your tired ...  Continue reading

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Good tasting product, mixes well with milk and water, tastes better the more milk you use, my long run at the w/e is normally a half marathon and I know if I've had the shake or not by the end of the day. Continue reading...
Brought this having read the reviews on here. Excellent product but really needs to be mixed with milk rather than water! Continue reading...
Helps recovery after longer runs. Tastes great. Can be mixed with water or milk, I prefer semi skimmed (not skimmed as recommended) as it makes it slightly thicker. The best on the market. Continue reading...
Tastes great and is much easier to have straight after a long run as sometimes I dont feel like eating solids immediately.I bought the sachets for convenience. Continue reading...
I have yet to find one better. Continue reading...


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  • Price: £15.60
  • Year: from 2006

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