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Lucozade Sport Recovery Drink

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Lucozade Sport Recovery Drink is specifically designed for recovery, and contains carbohydrate and protein in a 3:1 ratio. This is slightly lower than the 4:1 ratio ideal for recovery.   

However, runners do get slightly more 'bang for their buck' with Lucozade Sport Recovery Drink, as it contains more calories, protein and carbohydrate  than the other recovery products on test (with the exception of the Maxi-Milk).  

Lucozade Sport Recovery Drink comes in powder form in individual sachets ready for mixing or in 975g tubs. Although it doesn't come ready-mixed, the individually sized sachets are very convenient.  

Our tester said: "Lucozade Sport Recovery Drink was fruity and very refreshing, with the texture and taste of a squash drink. This was a pleasant contrast to the other recovery drinks - all of which were milky and quite thick. However, there was a slight chalky aftertaste."

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