Lucozade Sport Body Fuel

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Lucozade Sport Body Fuel

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Powdered isotonic version of Lucozade's energy drink with electrolytes.

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found a new product that i've switched over to called Orbana - healthy and very easily digested. Continue reading...
I'm moving to Gatorade having drank it during a marathon it kept me going and didn't burn.
Continue reading...
Wouldn't buy this version again. Continue reading...
This is handy if you want to make it with a different drink. Quite simple to use and the taste is not bad. Would rather us the already made stuff rather then make it yourself. But good if you want to make a coc Continue reading...
You would have thought from such a big company they would have tried a few more flavours but as they say if it ain't broke... Continue reading...


powerade much better

Posted: 30/05/2010 at 22:46

Gave me awful stomach cramps and runs of an unpleasant nature on the first long 17 miles I tried them on .... may be just that it was too strong for me and I should have watered it down ..... won't use again


Posted: 03/08/2010 at 13:02

Never had a single problem with Lucozade, used it in the run up to and during VLM.  Using Sainburys own brand isotonic at the minute £1.10 for 4 bottles and not much difference to Lucozade.

Posted: 03/08/2010 at 15:13

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  • Price: £12.80
  • Year: from 2006