Maximuscle Viper Active

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Maximuscle Viper Active

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Energy and recovery drink with amino acids and taurine. Use it during and after training (there are different concentration instructions for pre-, mid- and post-exercise).

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Definitely gives you that "get up and go" feel. It's hard to quantify if it's really helped my performance, but it definitely hasn't hurt and I've been training a lot more often now I've started taking it when Continue reading...
Great. I have 3 tubs in the cupboard... Continue reading...
It's worth bearing in mind that there are actually two versions of this energy drink. There's Viper/Viper Active and there's also Viper Extreme/Viper Boost.
The latter contains caffeine and the former doesn't Continue reading...
brilliant. i use for school x country competitions.. my first race i had friends and teachers asking what my secret was! i make sure i always have a tub in my kitchen! Continue reading...
Made for going the Distance Continue reading...


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