Asics Gel-Evolution 5

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Asics Gel-Evolution 5
Recommended for heavier or often-injured overpronators who need a superstable shoe.

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The updated version of this maximum-support shoe is all about increased comfort. Asics has actually bucked the recent trend of stripping away weight and made the shoe heavier, adding a ‘bunion window', a thicker upper and a wider forefoot area, while a new stitchless heel panel is designed to reduce ...  Continue reading

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I am becoming more and more sceptical about the effectiveness of motion control shoes; do they really work? These certainly haven't for me. I think I will go back to straight forward neutral with good cushion Continue reading...
Great fit, will need to place more miles to see if they keep the injuries at bay. Continue reading...


motion control is a notional idea that everyones gait pronates the same. Ive had brooks beast actally feel worse as the heel counter throws weight of foot from left heel to right toe .. exacerbating fallen arches. load of old tripe

Posted: 20/01/2011 at 13:00

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Stitchless reinforced heel
Inflexible feel
  • Price: £95.00
  • Year: from 2009