Asics Gel Foundation 8

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Asics Gel Foundation 8
Those who need the support will appreciate the cushioning and relatively light weight.

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The Foundation has been tweaked with expanded Gel in the rearfoot – using two densities to help control pronation – and a longer upper to give more room in the forefoot. It’s also been upgraded with a memory foam sockliner for comfort. This is a more conventional motion control shoe than ...  Continue reading

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Fantastic I will be buying the F9. I rotate my running shoes but my F8s are still in great condition after more than 18 months. Continue reading...
I have just bought a pair of Foundation 9s and theres little in the differences between these and their replacements. They offer great support and have a great lifespan, lasting longer then previous trainers fr Continue reading...
I would get a gait analysis done to ensure you are getting the right shoe for the right gait. The shoe looks good and sounds good but at present its causing me some discomfort, like i say it could take a few se Continue reading...
Great shoe/model following in the footsteps (no pun intended) of its predecessors Continue reading...
Super comfy and help you chew up the miles. Continue reading...


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