Brooks Addiction 7

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Brooks Addiction 7
Hugely stable, reasonably light but, despite the extra cushioning, firm underfoot.

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If you need a huge amount of stability in your shoe, you'll find it in Brooks's range. The benchmark motion-control shoe is the ultra-stable Beast/Ariel, but not far behind is the Addiction. It doesn't concede much to the Beast in support, but it is around 50g lighter, making it good ...  Continue reading

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My favourite running shoe, would choose this over any other. Continue reading...
These have worked miracles on my feet and I have now got through my third pair. I never bought into the fact that what you put on your feet will effect everything upwards until I tried these. A really top train Continue reading...
I wear mine with superfeet insoles. The combination of the insole to support my heel strike and the stability of the shoe have cured my recurring Achilles tendonitis. After at least 3 years of suffering and t Continue reading...
After going through numerous overpronating shoes and still coming off runs in lots of pain I almost stopped running altogether. I tried on about seven more pairs in the running shop before I chose these and th Continue reading...
I've read it's a good idea to alternate the make/model of shoe you wear. I've given up trying as nothing matches these and i end up wasting good money.

I have to give the top rating for value as i always ge Continue reading...


So, i've bought a pair of these bad boys and want to get a second pair as they're brilliant but not for the same price i originally paid. Has anyone seen them for less than £60 anywhere? Also, is there that much of a difference between the 7th edition, and the 6th?

Posted: 16/08/2007 at 14:52

Try M&M Direct - I got a pair for £20! Now...if they could only do the running FOR me!

Posted: 14/02/2011 at 07:31

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