Brooks Addiction 8

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Brooks Addiction 8
Still a very firm shoe best suited to heavier runners or those who need maximum stability.

Our Review

Another overdue upgrade, the shoe’s cushioning has been promoted to MoGo. It uses a repositioned overlay in the forefoot and a section of midsole foam along the inside to hold the arch in place. This works with a support column in the midsole to provide motion control. The Addiction is more ...  Continue reading

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A good basic shoe for over-pronators like me who don't do a huge distance. Im not sure it would suit those who do greater weekly distances as they dont last much longer than about 300- 400 miles on hard surface Continue reading...
Pretty much just another Brooks addiction once you get past the initial 50 miles. I.e. boringly reliable shoe. Just bought another pair from the sweatshop sale. Continue reading...
I'll report back later, but I think Brooks might have spoiled a good shoe. Continue reading...
A great shoe for those needing a higher level of support. Continue reading...
brilliant shoe for the overpronator, cured my foot problem, has kept me running. Continue reading...


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