Mizuno Wave Alchemy 6

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Mizuno Wave Alchemy 6
As light motion control shoes go, there are few better.

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Runners who love the Alchemy will be relieved to hear that the updates are minimal for version 6. Most of the work has been done to the upper, with additional overlays across the arch for a snug, supportive midfoot feel. In the forefoot, the overlays have been repositioned which has ...  Continue reading

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Overall okay shoe, would like to see a more durable inner, will probably go back asics 21s next. Continue reading...

These are my first pair of proper running shoes so I cannot really compare but overall a good shoe. Not sure I would get them again as would like to try something else which might stop the blister problem Continue reading...


HAd some delivered today but I haven't got home to give them a whirl yet. Doing a 10k on Sunday (Notfast in Newark. Do you think after a cuople of 5k's tomorrow and Friday that I should be able to run a 10k alright?

The alternative are a pair of NB's that were bought very cheaply prior to me realising that you need proper shoes to run!

Posted: 03/07/2007 at 17:39

Ok, So I gave them a go this morning with a steady 3.5miles and they seemed ok. Got a bit of rubbing around my arch on my right foot (is this normal?) but my heels were absolutely fine. Think I will give them a go on Sunday.

Posted: 04/07/2007 at 12:31

Joopsy, re the arch bit, I suffered lots of blisters with these shoes in that same area so that could be it.

Posted: 04/07/2007 at 12:39

Were you recommended these shoes after having your gait assessed?

Posted: 07/07/2007 at 19:38

Yes I did get the gait tested and these came out for me, I did the 10k today all fine apart from the same problem, alot of blistering on my right arch, left arch spot on. Maybe I have different arches and I need to look at orthotics? I will see how they go.

Posted: 08/07/2007 at 22:46

Try vaseline on your arches first - what sort of socks do you wear?

Posted: 09/07/2007 at 18:22

Run Speed One. Thanks for the advice

Posted: 09/07/2007 at 19:34

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