Nike Air Equalon

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Nike Air Equalon
Lots of interesting features combine to make this a serious motion-control shoe.

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As with its Structure Triax, the men's and ladies' versions of the Nike Equalon are very different. The ladies' version launches first and is the more innovative. Nike says that, although it has a traditional medial post and plastic shank, it also flexes in the places that women's feet flex, ...  Continue reading

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My overall impression is negative, but this may be down to personal anatomy, so might be worth trying for others. For me - a ligthweight overpronator- this was a seriously uncomfortable shoe, which is a shame a Continue reading...


Please help I want to buy a new pair of shoes and obviously prefer the cost saving exercise of doing this over the interweb (!!). I've been told I am mildy pronate so is it motion control or structured shoes I need.

Posted: 17/07/2007 at 10:15

For mild pronation, the shoes you want are usually described as "Support" or "Stability"

"Motion Control" is for severe pronation.

Posted: 17/07/2007 at 12:49

You really need to get proper advice before buying shoes.

Go to a good running shop (ie. NOT JJB Sports, et al), and get properly fitted. They will watch you run, ask about your mileage, goals, etc., and then have you try several pairs on.

After they've done this for you, it's only right that you should buy the shoes from them - the first time. After that, you'll know which ones to get via the internet.

Posted: 17/07/2007 at 13:40

Thank you both, I am just trying to save a little money. It is a little confusing with different shops using different names 'motion, structured and neutral' are how one site describes them and I am looking to buy some nike + to help with the motivation (sorry thats probably not right but I am a marketing man's dream).

Posted: 17/07/2007 at 14:48

You really should go to specialist shop first as chances are you will need a different size to what you normally have as well. You could end up wasting more money in the long run (pardon the pun).

Posted: 17/07/2007 at 15:13

I actually went to an asics roadshow and they told me I was mildly pronate and recommended some of there shoes but I'd prefer Nike+, the asics they recommended are £120 in the shops and £75 on the internet - pretty extreme difference.

Posted: 17/07/2007 at 15:42

I've been running for 6 years and never had even so much as a minor injury.
I've never been inside a "specialist running shop"
I've never had my "gait analysed"
I've always bought my shoes off the internet
and I've saved an ABSOLUTE FORTUNE.

Posted: 17/07/2007 at 16:08


lucky lucky you, there are many peeps out there who are not so lucky

Posted: 17/07/2007 at 18:06

footman - "luck" doesn't have anything to do with it.
I know my own body, and I'm careful.

Posted: 17/07/2007 at 18:17

Did they try to sell you Asics Kineskis or whatever they are called?? The asics 1120 is also for mild pronators and its usually around £70 but you can get them for around £50 on the web.

Brooks Axiom and the Brokks Vapour might be also worth a look but I would try them on first.

Most running shops will give you a 10% discount if you ask and as we're about to change seasons soon you might be able to get an older version for a cheaper price.

Daz you are very jammy.

Posted: 18/07/2007 at 15:31

Paul - eBay is worth a look too.
I got a pair of brand-new Mizuno Wave Rider 10's for Lady Slugge for £17 inc postage recently!

Posted: 18/07/2007 at 17:33

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