Brooks Radius 7

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Brooks Radius 7
The Radius gives a plush but firm ride and testers were impressed with its durability and comfort after several runs.

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Brooks has used new MoGo cushioning material in the midsole for a softer, more responsive ride (it also produces 50 per cent less waste than the older 257 midsole so it's greener). How does it feel? Despite the addition of MoGo, this shoe remains fairly stable for a cushioning model. The ...  Continue reading

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am actually considering buying another pair of these for when they wear out,cant recommend them enough :) Continue reading...
I have trained for and completed several marathons in this shoe but they don't make it any more. Desperately seeking alternatives... Continue reading...
the best shoe i've found yet - am stockpiling! Continue reading...
Great shoe that managed to see me through a big increase in mileage with few problems, handles roads and rougher terrain well but upper is not tough enough for too much off road use. Continue reading...


My trainers are 1 month old and I only do 15miles a week.  The left one has started squeeking when I put weight on it.  It sounds like it's coming from halfway across the trainer on the sole.

 Surely this is not right.  Does this mean something has "broke" inside the sole?

Posted: 11/02/2008 at 12:06

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