Mizuno Wave Rider 8

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Mizuno Wave Rider 8
Great fitting, light, responsive and stable - this is a first-class shoe.

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The Wave Rider is a shoe that Mizuno just can’t stop improving. We loved last year’s model, and think that this, the eighth version, is better still. The Rider now benefits from SmoothRide, in which an insert of VS-1, a more durable and responsive cushioning material than EVA, is integratedinto ...  Continue reading

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Excellent shoe really pleased.
Little expensive as they don't last that long but I don't want Mizuno to change the shoe I love it! Continue reading...
Sorted an injury out for me and I've not had any repeats since. Continue reading...
Having just turned 60 I was planning one last marathon as the aches and pains were begining to get too much. My new Kayanos (7th consecutive pair) started to give me knee problems after only 4 or 5 runs and I w Continue reading...
Used to buy wave creation then went to rider 7's because of the reviews and value, can see why this shoe won best update! Now looking for a replacement, but feel that a mid range shoe with good socks are as goo Continue reading...


I am a relevant newbie and started with a pair of Asics 2090s, I thought they were very good. I am currently using Asics 2100s and am not as happy with them. My friend has just got a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 8s (for leisure wear, she dosen't run) and she thinks they would suit me. They are for neutral feet which I have. I was just wondering if anyone else has tried them and what they think.

Cheers Beans

Posted: 09/08/2005 at 22:58


If you are a neutral runner, why are you in the 2000 series shoe? Its really for mild to moderate over-pronators?

That besides I have found the Wave Rider 8s fantastic. They are light and responsive and the cushioning is just right for me. Some people claim the cushioning is quite hard. In fact I find it softer than my Saucony Shadow 8s - that I never got on with, but harder than a pegasus for example. There is a small amount of support in them, which is upped by the use of orthotics by me. in terms of fit the forefoot is wider than Adidas, but not as wide as Brooks. The heel is relatively narrow, but not too narrow. The upper mesh is comfortable, quite 'airy' for winter mind, and flexes inthe right places in the toe box. My last pair did about 400 miles with no real signs of wear apart from the cushioning starting to go, so well built. I have just bought a new pair to replace them. The insole is removeable for orthotics.

Bear in mind that I am doing most of my training upto 10 miles at around 7min-7m30sec pace per mile. I'm just under 11stone and 5'8". I also race in them and am doing under 38 for 10K now.

My wife has the Inspire, which is more akin to the 2090, which she finds better in the respect that she doesn't get the blisters on her arch. However, she hasn't had them long enough to really tell apart from that.

On a final note, why would you listen to a non-running friend about the most important part of your running kit? Are they an expert in biomechanics?

Posted: 10/08/2005 at 09:49

Thanks David for your reply. I was obviously mis-sold both pairs of Asics by what I now know is someone who knows nothing about running! They told me when you have a neutral foot you can wear any shoe and in my niaveity I beleived them. The 2090s were my first shoe and I had nothing to measure them against but actually thought they were fine, the 2100s I am not as comfortable in. I am only a 'learner' and now up to r3 w1 x 9, but also running for 20mins straight on a treadmill and unfortunately the only specialist running shop is nearly 100 miles away from me. My friend works in the local sports shop and has done a bit of training on the various shoes although thanks to this site, I think I know more than her now! Going to get the Wave 8s and try them anyway.

Posted: 11/08/2005 at 12:36

Dave just thought I would let you know if you are about that after walking round the house in the Wave 8s, they are going back tomorrow. I dont know what the problem is but I have a sensation that the pad on the sole of my foot below my bid toe is pressing excessively against the shoe and this feels quite uncomfortable. I am not sure if it is just that I need to get used to them but the feeling is quite distracting. Ah well, back to the drawing board!

Posted: 11/08/2005 at 21:21

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