Newton Gravitas

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Newton Gravitas
It can take heel strikers several months to adapt to these shoes since they're specifically designed to promote forefoot running.

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Newton is a relatively new brand to the UK. Its shoes are specifically created to promote forefoot running, with four raised lugs on the forefoot outsole of each shoe. Each lug is compressed into a hollow midsole chamber on contact with the ground, then pushed back out again, promoting quicker ...  Continue reading

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I am into my second pair now and I still love these shoes. I occasionally also use other shoes in my training (I run about 50-60m/week), but I prefer my Newtons. It has turned me from a pronating heel striker i Continue reading...
A very advanced shoe for forefoot runners or those looking to transition. Continue reading...


I have a pair ,they are great to run in ,my legs done feel as tired at the end of a long run only down side is the price of these shoes.

Posted: 13/02/2010 at 20:17

Light shoes but tough on the calf muscles and far too pricey.

Posted: 10/04/2010 at 21:52

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Lightweight racing feel
  • Price: £130.00
  • Year: from 2009