Nike Air Max Moto 5

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Nike Air Max Moto  5
This is Nike's most cushioned shoe but, as with its predecessor, it has a strangely firm feel at first.

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A new Cushlon midsole increases cushioning. The outsole in both the men's and women's shoe has changed, with deeper flex-grooves taken from the Nike Free ('barefoot') range for a better toe-off (the women's model is designed for her more flexible foot). The midfoot fit-strap has been removed to improve breathability ...  Continue reading

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The shoe feels wonderful to wear and this may be unrelated but my runs have gotten noticably faster right after I purchased the shoe. It also absorbs shock very nicely and feels quite stable Continue reading...
A shoe that has a long heritage in Nike's line - in many ways this is the classic shoe they built their business on. Original Pegasus had the same configuration of PU heel and EVA forefoot but doesn't any more. Continue reading...


Hi Recovery Runner,

I am unable to email you direct so i hope you read this,and anyone else who can chip in!!

The nike air moto is classed as a support shoe but i see that you have used it even though you tend to run in cushioning shoes.

I am a little bow legged and tend to run more on the uotside of my feet but have a normal foot print.         I was wondering if the moto would be any good for me as i only run in cushioning shoes.

It looks like you have tried just about all the top brands so might have an insight  on them.

 I run in nike vomero at the moment but am not 100% happy  with them.


Posted: 11/03/2009 at 10:34


Didn't know the Moto was classified as a support shoe - it isn't one, i.e. it doesn't have any added stability features like a dual density midsole etc. Nike do a number of stability shoes but the Moto is neutral, although it's pretty stable for a neutral shoe.

Don't know if it would be good for you or not - try it and see how it feels is the only real way. Ideally do it at a running shop that can watch you run/use video to check how you run with them.

The other thing I'd say about the Moto is it's better for heavier runners (of which I am one....) - it uses a polyurethane heel which is very durable and gives a nice 'ping' to the cushioning, but can be firm if you're lighter weight.

Thanks for reminding me about my shoe addiction - I've been running a long time but you're right - I have worked my way through most brands ! Other shoes you might want to look at are the Mizuno Creation 10 (what I'm currently wearing - fantastic, but again suited more for heavier runners), Asics Nimbus/Cumulus, Mizuno Rider (similar to Creation but for lighter runners), Saucony Triumph etc.

Good luck finding the right pair - it's an expensive business !

Posted: 12/03/2009 at 11:54

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