Adidas Swoop II

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Adidas Swoop II
For the serious off-road racer who loves mud and hills.

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Quick drying upper, a compression-moulded EVA midsole and excellent Traxion grip combine to offer all round great performance.

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These shoes are perfect for quick fast, sprinting sessions in the hills, but not for runs over 3-4 miles. Continue reading...
Nice shoes but let down by the insole slipping. hence the less than perfect rating.

I got these to provide more grip going down hill so i can go faster, which they do and so do i now. My Asics toranas were n Continue reading...
Excellent shoe well suited to mud & hills.
In my third season of Cross-country with this shoe & still going strong.
Very well recommended. Continue reading...
excellent shoe and does what it is intended to do and that is for multiterrain/cross country. I will be buying a second pair soon as i have had my first pair for 3 years now. Continue reading...


I hope someone can help.
I am a road runner. At work we have formed a team to take part in a cross country relay and I have been assigned a leg where "it would pay to have shoes with studs"........
Well... I do know nothing about them and also I do not want to spend a fortune as I am unlikely going to get much use out of them. I had a look on the net but I am confused by the fact that "spikes" are sometimes used for crosscountry and sometimes for the track. Sometimes for both!!!!!
Any help / suggestions welcome.

Posted: 18/10/2007 at 07:01

Hi there,

Hope this is in time. I've never run in spikes.

Needing studs or not depends enormously on the weather and terrain- they are needed on steep AND wet natural surfaces but don't make an enormous difference on flat off road runs. The fact that so many studded shoes offer no support and cushioning means they may not be worth it unless the leg you are doing is very nasty (i.e nasty terrain).

If you look at the Inov-8 site they do loads of shoes for off roading and some are a compromise between on and off road- may get more usage. Mizuno do some in-between ones too.

Studs would keep you upright in deep mud or on a steep climb when other people (without them) would struggle- if you don't expect that sort of action then don't bother. If you do, go for a compromise but aggressive trail shoe I reckon, like a Roc-Lite / Wave Harrier.

Good luck. 

Posted: 27/10/2007 at 19:36

You are on time... thanks very much for your help.

Posted: 27/10/2007 at 21:10

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