Asics Gel Trail Attack

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Asics Gel Trail Attack

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I'm a neutral runner and would like to buy some off road shoes. But I don't know what to look for. I usually go for cushioning and I have the asics gel kayano at the moment. I am doing quite a bit of off road at the moment and would like to buy some before it gets really muddy.

Posted: 22/08/2006 at 20:32


Have you got a running shop near to where you live? If you have, take your old running shoes with you (so that they can have a look at tread wear) and explain what you want. I usually spend a good hour trying on various shoes at my shop before I buy.

I'm using Mizuno Ascends at the moment which have been a great pair of shoes. I run a lot off road and they are fine in mud (including uphills and down).

Happy running!

Posted: 22/08/2006 at 20:40

Cheers for that, will go to the shop. Theres one in Loughborough which is'nt to far away. It will be the winter league soon lots of cross country.I've never done lots of cross country before so I want to make sure got right trainers to ensure time will be spent on my feet running not on my bum!!!!
Happy running

Posted: 23/08/2006 at 09:17

chubbz - I agree that you should get some expert advice from a shop (preferably one with treadmill/gait analysis)

you might be interested to know that I also run in Asics Kayano on the road, and I use NB 906 off road (trails/paths) and NB 871 when it's really muddy

also, Asics do some trail shoes and I believe the Eagle Trail is the off road equivalent to the Kayano

Posted: 23/08/2006 at 15:32

if you want some real mud busters, not just trail shoes (or spikes) look at the offerings from Inov8 and Walsh as they have much more aggressive tread to claw through mud but are not so supportive as the underfoot is generally softer when you need these.........

most trail shoes are a cross between these and road shoes so good on some stuff but not so good when the going gets boggy......

Posted: 23/08/2006 at 15:39

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