New Balance RX Terrain

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New Balance RX Terrain

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Studded lightweight fell shoe with low-profile midsole and moulded TPU reinforcement around heel counter, plus broad-lasting for a little added stability.

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Best fell shoe ever made, for me anyway. Unfortunately New Balance don't make them any more. Now going for the lucrative but temporary fads of minimalist and trail shoes. Continue reading...
All in all a shoe that is simple, long lasting if looked after, I always ensure that I dry them well, and avoid using them on the road other than for very short distances. More comfortable than other "studs". G Continue reading...
A good shoe but I probably wouldn't buy again due to my soles falling off! Continue reading...
Great falue for a first time fell shoe especially if you get them from the factory shop. If you are using them often and for long distances i would consider buying something else. Continue reading...
best shoe for fell running, beats walsh hands down for me. Continue reading...


Hi all
Iam looking some advice from my fellow runners recarding trail shoes.
I have just completed 15k on the Wellingborough 15 k series round 1,
Now i did this event in my assics evolution2
road shoes as i suffer from severe overpronation.
However i would like to try running in some suitable trail shoes that would help me in the sticky muddy hilly conditions that a multi-terrain race throws up.
I feel as i overpronate i am limited on this kind of footwear, any help please post.
Many thanks Happy running
Geoff from Bletchley

Posted: 22/01/2006 at 14:14

ps the words regarding not recarding big error

Posted: 23/01/2006 at 10:13

rtb, I too overpronate and have just bought a pair of new balance 781's for running along the canal side which is a bit muddy in winter. See the review of the older 780's. Apparently, nb don't do the widest size 4E in trail shoes any more so I had to settle for the 2E. They feel a bit narrow but do so far provide a lot more grip than my road shoes. I got them from sportshoes unlimited for 48 quid. I live near enough to go try them on but you can find your true size from the new balance website.

Posted: 25/01/2006 at 19:08

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