Asics Gel-DS Trainer X

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Asics Gel-DS Trainer X

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I really liked these and use my set as a trainer and a racer in the longer races.

Definately one of the best pairs of shoes I've had. Continue reading...
Have had 2 pairs and suspect I'll replace current ones with more of the same Continue reading...
best running shoe i ever had, no longer have any excuses (achey legs etc) to not get out there and they just keep going Continue reading...
Excellent design for protecting your feet and allowing for maximum running potential. Not too heavy or clunky. Lots of actual shoe so you get your money's worth Continue reading...
A first class supportive shoe for overpronators. In 20 years ASICs have been 1st choice. When I have deviated shin splints, sore knees etc have been the result. Continue reading...


I currently run in Asics Gel-DS Trainer IX and I love them. But I've been told that I shouldn't do too many miles each week in them as they are performance shoes and should be left for races. Is this true and if so, can someone recommend a similar shoe for 30-40 miles a week. Thanks.

Posted: 14/11/2005 at 17:51

Nah, tis a load of poppycock.

I've been using them solidly since April, and must have 700 plus miles on them. They have been my mile-eater at 50 plus per week. For racing I use a lighter pair of shoes.

For info, I'm 11.5 to 12 stone, have been running for 4 years, and marathon around 3:15.

I love them too, and will definitely buy another pair.

Posted: 22/11/2005 at 17:48

Depends Plodder. Some people find it OK, some don't.

If you are OK with it now, then carry on.

I found I have more problems with 380g shoes like the Nimus that the 310g WAve Rider 8.

I bet you could proably have some 250g shoes for racing in!

Posted: 23/11/2005 at 09:12

Oh. Meant to add:

If your training miles suddenly jump up, or your longest run jumps up you may find a more cushioned shoe more comfortable for the longer distances... or not...

Listen to your body

Posted: 23/11/2005 at 09:13

Thanks Blisters and David. Appreciate the info. I love the shoes and have no problems in them so will carry on using them. Cheers.

Posted: 23/11/2005 at 10:59

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