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Graham Mater
Reviewed: 28 March 2010

I`ve been running on these shoes for about 6 months now mostly on light trails and tarmac.

One of the main things that attracted me to this she was it`s weight. the 904 is extremely lightweight and I had hoped to use it for triathlons and other running races. But as far as pros go, that`s about it.
Oh boy. The cushioning on the forefoot is almost nonexistent and it feels like you`re running on the bone of your feet. After one longer 3 hour trail run it hurt to walk for a day and a half. The Sure Lace doesn`t seem to help at all because the laces come undone about every 3km unless you double knot it. The laces also tighten at odd places making the fit uncomfortable and constricting. The shoes also offer very little stability and I think I actually pronate more with this shoe than I used to with my old ones. When cornering it feels like you`re a three-legged elephant on ice.
Overall I wish I hadn`t bought these shoes. They seem to be everything they aren`t supposed to be. I was hoping to use them to run a marathon but I can barely go out for and hour without my feet aching after. These shoes were recommended for me by my coaches and a salesman at my specialty running shoppe and they took into account my gait, my arch and running style so either I`m just a freak or I need to find some people who know what they`re talking about. In hindsight I wouldn`t have bought these shoes but if you are going to buy them try to test them out first and see what you think.
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There are 1 reader reviews

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