Asics Gel Kayano 14

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Asics Gel Kayano 14
The Gel Kayano is considered by many as the most natural heel to toe transition shoe. This is lighter than the previous model, but still has the stability features in the midfoot and heel.

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The largest single Gel unit in any Asics shoe in the rearfoot makes for good cushioning and stability. The upper has been remodelled with a slightly narrower collar to hold the heel snugly. The midsole is made of new, lighter foam that's designed to bounce back more quickly after impact. According ...  Continue reading

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A great supportive shoe, extremely comfortable to run in for long periods of time. I've done two marathons in them and got to the end with zero injuries to my feet.

Could feel a little heavy for faster worko Continue reading...
...ok, it's last years version but they are still a great shoe! Continue reading...
I went to buy the Kayano 15s but they'd sold out so i decided to buy another pair of Kayano 14s. For me, they've been an excellent shoe and when i tried other support trainers, and watched the video playback fr Continue reading...
Excellent shoes, would have another pair! Not one blister in 500 miles of running in them. Continue reading...
good post race shoes when I only want to run really slowly - sorry these are my least favourite running shoe purchase and I have bought many. Continue reading...


I've just bought a pair of asics Kayano 13's. I tried them on in the shop along with some 2120's. neither felt as good as my old 2100's, but they were ok. I've only ever worn Asics shoes and I've never had so much as a blister, even after a marathon. First run last night I could feel the jarring in my jaw and today I've been having sharp pains in both feet. is this just from a change of shoe? Could they be "faulty"? I really have never had a had a shoe problem before! Anybody know where to get a few pairs of 21oo's???

Posted: 17/11/2007 at 21:07

Hi Puffy

               I think still do the 2100's.

Ive mainly been a brooks adrenaline runner, but i was tempted by kayano 13's

Posted: 17/11/2007 at 21:12

Puffy - the kayaons should give you less impact than the 2120's I would have thought. I love my Kayanos, never need to break them in, no problems until they wear out.

Posted: 17/11/2007 at 21:31

Hail Hail

Main problem in the move from 2100 to Kayano (or even 2120 or 2130) is that there is a significant amount more support in the Kayano.  This may be causing the problem you have been experiencing.  Also, Asics have changed from SpEva (their EVA midsole) to SoLyte, which despite being approx 30% lighter, has offered some problems to some people, and has tended to compress a bit quicker, meaning a slightly firmer ride.  Its unlikely that you'll find 2100s still available (eBay is a possibility), so I'd suggest the 2110 as an alternative. 

Posted: 17/11/2007 at 21:44

Thanks all, I'm hoping that these are just minor niggles, I'll just have to put away the 2100's I think, although even now I can see my big toe through the top they are still incredibly supportive through the arch.  I  was swayed by the fact that the Kayanos were £65, and I thought they were a bargain, but they won't be much of a bargain if I have to replace them, Doh!

PS Running Bhoy are you Billy Bremner?

Posted: 18/11/2007 at 22:01

I ran in the Kayano 12's and found them great, then they introduced the 13's so I went and got a pair.  I had big problems adjusting with anterior tibial pain etc.  Although the 13's were the same size as the 12's (6 1/2) they seemed much bigger!  I thought I'd have to try a different make so went to Sweatshop in Harrods (offer 2 pairs for the price of 1 any make shoe). I ended with kayano 13's but 1/2 size smaller.  Because the shoe was bigger - the assistant agreed it wasn't just my imagination - my foot was moving around to much.  the smaller size solved all my problems.  What going to happen now they moving to 14's, at least I know to try them for size first before buying online.


Posted: 08/12/2007 at 16:35

Only problem I ever had with mine didn't occur when I was running, but WALKING 5 miles in Edinburgh, trying to buy christmas presents! I thought they were such perfect shoes to run long distances in,, that they'd be ok - but I ended up with a blister on each foot on the inner sides of my heels! I take it I should just have RAN round the shops!

On a more serious note, I used to run in Nimbus 8s, which in a size 6 fitted perfectly. When I went to try the Nimbus 9s, they felt too big. The shop didn't have them in a 5.5, so I tried the Kayanos - now wouldn't go for anything else!

Posted: 09/12/2007 at 09:51

Heather-Mrs Puffy forbids me walking in running shoes, she says they are not designed for it.  Also, no driving, because it destroys the heel structure.  In fact these are the first shoes that I have bought on my own so I am going to take her with me next time.

 Yvonne, the right one seems to be bigger than the left, and slips off the heel.  If I lace them up tightly I get pins and needles!

 I will be trying them out on a slow ten miler on Sunday and will then make up my mind whether to persevere or cut my losses and buy a new pair.  Whatever happens, next time I find a shoe that I love as much as those old 2100's I will get at least one extra pair.

Posted: 10/12/2007 at 20:08

Mr P - I used to have problems with them slipping (any running shoes really) and like you lacing them up tight to start gave me pins and needles too. And got pain in my shin.  My solution was to try elastic lock laces and they work a treat.  I not had any problems since I started using them (apart from the sizing issues I mentioned earlier.  The laces give as your foot swells when running and once you get the tension comfortable you dont have to undo them.  They're around £5 a pair so it might be worth trying a pair to see.

Posted: 10/12/2007 at 21:53

Probably good sound advice from Mrs Puffy! Good luck with the shoes!

Posted: 10/12/2007 at 21:59

Thanks chaps-Where are the laces from Yvonne-T'internet?

Posted: 11/12/2007 at 13:54

Hi Mr P - yes on the internet mostly.  The last pairs I got from wiggle but I've also got some from running shops.  Now I buy them whenever I buy new shoes

Posted: 11/12/2007 at 15:56

I have had lots of excellent Kayanos- briliant. But the 13s (I had 2 pairs) have given me bad foot pain. I know other people have had the same problem. I will give the 14's a go and if the same will abandon them.

Posted: 13/12/2007 at 08:54

Hi Loper, I know what you mean, I had the same trouble (aee post above) Went down a half size which solved it.  I just hope Asics not mess around too much with the 14's

Posted: 13/12/2007 at 12:12

They are ok when I'm running fast, they seem to come into their own, but at "normal" pace they are just not right. On Tuesday night I even got a slight pain on the outside of my right knee halfway through an 8 mile run. I am going to try Yvonne's suggestion of laces and if that doesn't help I shall cut my losses and buy another shoe under MrsP's eagle eye.

Posted: 13/12/2007 at 13:07

I've had Kayanos since version 10 and always thought they were fantastic, but my 13s have caused problems. The inner sole (or whatever it's called) caused blisters and I've had problems with my knees that have never occurred before. This could simply mean I've got dodgy knees, or that I've caused injury by overcompensating for the blisters - either way, it's made me look upon Kayanos less favourably. Like Loper, I'll try the 14s and if they cause a problem I may have to move on (but last time I did that - I tried some Gel Nimbus out - it didn't go smoothly...).

Posted: 13/12/2007 at 16:08

What makes it worse is the fact that my old Asics 2100's were fantastic, but i didn't like the 2120's so much.  Next time I will try a few other brands, not just Asics. 

Posted: 13/12/2007 at 19:26

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