Asics Gel Kayano XII

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Asics Gel Kayano XII
Another successful renewal of Asics's all-the-bells-and-whistles range-topper.

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The observant among you will notice Asics has shaved around 40g off it's range-topper. That's no mean feat in such a fully-loaded model. The Kayano's successful diet is thanks to Asics's new lightweight Solyte midsole material. What's more, our Shoe Lab tests found this material to be softer than the ...  Continue reading

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I have had all sorts of problems with pronation in the past and have tried many shoe / orthotic combinations. I was having problems just prior to the marathon and gave up on my previous shoes and orthotics in Continue reading...
An excellent running shoe Continue reading...
I got the bright Orange model (rather than the reddish one shown). I tried on a few shoes and just loved the feel of these... also like the Asics model below (can't remember if it's 2120's or 2100's for overpro Continue reading...
fantastic well made and durable shoe. Got mine for £50 off eBay. Continue reading...


Having only ever been a, what i would call a 'recreational runner' (only on treadmills in gym and very limited outdoor running) i decided it was time to get out and do it properly.

I've always done some form of fitness and understand the importance of the right shoes (aerobics etc) but i can't get my head around why when i bought my first pair of proper running shoes last weekend i've come away with a shoe which is much bigger than i would ever have gone for.....don't get me wrong they seem fine but could someone please explain why this is the case with running shoes.

Posted: 24/02/2006 at 17:51

How is it bigger?
Is it the size stated on the box, or is it actually bigger?
The one area you need more space, than you may be used to, is around the toes. This is to avoid toenails getting bruised and dropping off. Been there done that.
The other thing that can increase size is the amount of cushioning.

Posted: 24/02/2006 at 20:35

If its shoe size

Foreign shoes (esp US) are made in slightly different sizes , usually bigger,so you often buy a different size to your usual.

If its bulk

Running shoes are shock absorbers and so often have a lot of cushioning between you and the road (You'll need and be grateful of it when you start pounding the tarmac). Depending on what you've bought it could be they also have mechanical gadgets inside to hold your foot in the right position for running. Also the uppers are padded to reduce damage by stones and such if you ever venture off road.

You thought you just went out a bought shoes ??

The important factor is always do they fit ?

Posted: 24/02/2006 at 22:24

thanks for responding....interesting stuff.

Re: bruising and losing toe nails....i learnt that one the hard way with aerobics shoes...bad advice and subsequently lost both toe nails and for a woman who loves her open toed shoes...devastating! grew back so alls well and all that!

Anyway the shoes seem fine and when i've run before in, probably very inappropriate shoes, i used to suffer shin splints and all sorts of other pains! but these do seem to have stopped them. Whenever i tried running shoes i've always seemed to favour Asics and these seem to fit my slim fit better....but big david was right it's the extra space at the toe end that seems bizarre...finding that the hardest bit to get used to.

I did try a asics size 4 (which is my normal trainer size) and walked around the house in them and my big toe nail was jammed right at the top (hmmm...big sports retailer said yes they fit fine!) so they promptly went back and i went to a specialist shop...who were v.v.helpful.

But if they help me train and i get to run properly and i will be well chuffed as i want to do some sponsored runs for cancer relief as dad was diagnosed last year and i would like to do my bit (as well as get myself fitter in the process of course).

thanks again for the info

Posted: 25/02/2006 at 08:48

the longer miles you do, the more your feet swell as well.....the xtra volume helps cope with that...........I would also advice using elastic lock laces as they strech so can prevent any lace tightness you may get with ordinary laces when the feet swell

Posted: 25/02/2006 at 09:37

Big sports retailer are just interested in a sale, they'll sell you anything. They wouldn't know a pronator from a hole in the ground.(Polite version cos there ladies present !!)

Specialist sports shops are usually run for and by proper runners and give a lot back to the sport by organising or sponsoring races, giving prizes etc as well as specialist advice on kit and training.


Dri Fit socks are good too - keep your feet dry and comfy in the summer

Posted: 25/02/2006 at 09:47

fat buddha great pointer thanks as i found yesterday when running i had to stop and loosen laces twice as they were getting uncomfortable.....also did learn what the last hole on a trainer was for! learn something new everyday huh! can i get elastic lock laces at any sport shop or is it a specialist thing?

Also OOk thanks for advice on socks that was the one thing i was going out to buy today actually.

only doing about 2-3miles each time at the mo but certainly feeling better with the right shoes!

Posted: 25/02/2006 at 09:59

Just take it slow and increase the time running by very small amounts.

You're hooked...10k in 3 months :>}

Posted: 25/02/2006 at 10:15

thanks ook......but is it about the distance or the time it takes to cover the distance? what is the best way to build up? just taking it as it comes at the moment....body seems to be coping okay, i do other fitness so do something most days so was probably fitter than i gave myself credit for....but yep you are probably right...hooked!

Had a bad cold and chest last week and it was killing me not being able to get out but as soon as i could i was out there again!

Posted: 25/02/2006 at 11:12's time on your feet that counts

How LONG can you run (at any speed) without stopping ??

So extend that time slowly, forget speed and measuring distances, the aim is ENDURANCE. Once you get outside you'll probably find that the TM is often misleading.

Remember a first 10k will probably take you well over the hour and a HM more than two and a half.

Posted: 25/02/2006 at 12:38

running just over 20mins without stopping....did a run with local running club last week.....2.5miles at 20mins....only stopped once as calves were tightening (before new trainers) so beginning to feel okay with running a reasonable distance at the min...just got to careful i don;t overdo it as i know what i can be like.

thats where i really want to get to....HF! but how do you know when you are ready for such races?

Posted: 25/02/2006 at 21:10

When you can r*n continuously for 30 min or more, you will make it round a 5k.
when you have built up to 60 to 90min then 10k should be good.
you need to be able to do a long r*n (jog/walk is ok)for 12 to 14 miles kind of distance for a half, with a normal weekly milage of 14miles and upwards as preparation.
Whatever you do build up gradually, and work on stamina rather than speed.

Posted: 25/02/2006 at 21:30

I'm sure your club mates will tell you in no uncertain terms :>}

I agree with BD - go for 60+ mins non stop. But do that by adding 5 mins to a longer run (traditionally on a sunday); double that for an HM.

Told you, hooked

Posted: 25/02/2006 at 23:29

BD and OOK thanks for the advice..really helpful. it'sjust really difficult sometime to know how well you are doing when you do most of your training on your own but htis is great because at least you can bounce ideas of other people without feeling silly. Definately been thinking more about distance than speed i must admit!

sad pending run tomorrow dictated how much i drank tonight...thats when you know you have an obsession!

Posted: 26/02/2006 at 02:16

Such dedication, runs to and from the pub :>}

Best advice is to stick with the club then you won't need the forum

Posted: 26/02/2006 at 09:08

stick with the club then you won't need the forum

Nobody told me that!!!

Seriously - my club wouldn't give me the kind of entertainment that this forum gives me - or moral support come to that. They are a good club, but we meet once a week, this forum is around every day with all sorts of help advice and friendship. Stick with us Jane.

Posted: 27/02/2006 at 17:35

As i can't always get to the running club the nice thing about the forum is people genuinly seem to enjoy advising people! In fact i have another question if anyone else can help!

New shoes (original point of this thread!)all seem fine but when i run i am getting a very achey calf muscle, lower down! This doesn't give me problems the next day or anything but have also noticed when i stretch i am getting a cramping sensation down the outside of my left lower leg! And stretching seems to make this ache more.....are these just 'normal' aches and pains of getting into a routine of running etc! Currently running about 3 times per week....poorly recently with bad chest so still running about 20mins - not yet advanced on that!

Posted: 28/02/2006 at 12:04

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