Asics Gel Virage 2

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Asics Gel Virage 2

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Lightweight stability shoe for mild to moderate overpronators with gel cushioning and rearfoot duomax for support. Speva cusioning in forefoot.Though lacking some of the features in Asics’ top-end models, the Virage still provides a supportive ride and feels lighter than many of its stablemates; a solid beginner’s shoe.

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Good shoe for shorter runs and very responsive, I find it good for track work, hill runs, and distances up to 10 mile anything over and it can get a bit flat. Continue reading...
Great shoe. I'll replace them with more of the same. Continue reading...
I've grown so attached to these shoes, I'd recommend them to any overpronator. Continue reading...


can someone help? i want to try and delete some of my training off sportstrak - not sure how to do it! any ideas? can you delete it on your garmin and then not download it? have downloaded everything, and need to delete some of the occassions where i had to go home to remember my gloves, or forgot to turn the 305 off when driving home after training! thanks, plum x

Posted: 31/03/2007 at 13:48


I think it's fairly straight forward. To delete the whole session after loading it, simply highlight the day (or session) by clicking on it, then select "Remove Activity" from the menu down the left hand side of the screen.

To delete part of a session, highlight the session as above, select "Edit Activity", then "Split Activity". You can then split out any part of the session you do not want (by Elapsed time or distance), then highlight the newly created activity and delete it as per above.

Hope this makes sense.

Posted: 31/03/2007 at 18:03

ok, am i being really dense? i have gone into sportrak (not using garmin software) and highlighted on of the activities i want to delete - but there is no menu downthe lefthand side of the screen! help! plum x

Posted: 01/04/2007 at 21:11

hmmm you not seeing a calender display in the top left and options down the side underneath?

If not, move your mouse to the left most edge of the sporttracks screen, it should change to a different cursor, left click and it should unhide the menu....

Hope that helps?! :S :S

Posted: 01/04/2007 at 21:17

i have got the calendar and various option underneath, but nothing for 'remove activity' or anything similar!

Posted: 01/04/2007 at 21:26

Ok, you probably can't see the "remove activity" because you're not in "Daily Activity" view.

Under "Other Tasks" on the menu down the left hand side, select "Select View", then "Daily Activity" and then the "Daily Activity" menu should appear, which includes the options to Add, Remove, Edit and Export Activities.

Hope this helps.

Posted: 02/04/2007 at 23:32

thank you! plum x

Posted: 03/04/2007 at 08:14

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