Brooks Trance 5

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Brooks Trance 5

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lots of value to be found now that they are heavily discounted. Continue reading...
Good but for the money being spent, I'd always plump for the Asics GK. Continue reading...
The shoes fit well - they are comfortable without feeling like there is a lot of spare room in them, the materials feel and look better than my last pair of Asics 2100s - the sole in particular is hardly showin Continue reading...
Very pleased and well worth the cost. The response level was good and the heat-conductive material proved to be a life saver on longer runs in the early May heat. Not too good on the grip front if you end up on Continue reading...
You can tell you are looking at a flagship shoe when the feature list is huge and includes:
- Thermo regulation HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
- DRB Accel – To promote natural movement betwee Continue reading...


Whilst these shoes were a bit pricey at £100, Northern Runner are selling them for £50 at the moment - I have just bagged a second pair!

Definitely worth looking at if you wear "structured cushioning" trainers.

Posted: 04/09/2006 at 13:10

Hi I saw those advertised aswell and thought that was a pretty good saving. Can I ask what you were running in before you used the trance. I currently run in a pair or brooks adrenaline gts and was wondering if I could possibly use a pair of Brooks trance as a second shoe?

Posted: 02/10/2006 at 18:03

I am a former Asics GT2080/2090/2100 wearer but wanted to try something new earlier this year (I did not get on with the 2100s at all!) and spent some time at PodPlus in Ashford having my gait (re) analysed and this pair seemed the most comfortable having also tried on Asics Gel Kayano, a Saucony pair (cannot remember the type), plus another pair (cannot remember now!, possibly it was another pair of Brooks.

Unfortunately, I cannot compare the Trance 5 to the adrenaline GTS but I would say, for the price, it may well be worth a punt. I have found them v. comfortable and there is a lot of support - the level of support being at least comparable to the 2100.

Hope this helps.


Posted: 03/10/2006 at 10:49

Thanks a lot for the info. The other pairs you tried on all seem to be similar to what I tried on when I first bought the adrenaline GTS so I guess they all have pretty similar levels of stability / support.

I think I probably will give the trance a go as like you say the saving on it makes it well worth a try!

Thanks for your help and when I do aquire a pair I'll letr you know what I think.


Posted: 03/10/2006 at 19:49

Just seen that as well! I'm ordering a pair in a minute.

Posted: 04/10/2006 at 13:54

I bought these for £50 as well, thinking that if the only adverse comments related to the former price of £100, then I'd be getting a bargain. Out of the box they are clearly well made, but firmer than I was expecting. I've been wearing 2100's and Hurricane 7 this year, and both feel plush in comparison. Its early days and I've been wearing them in the house or to go for dog walks to "break them in". They are loosening up nicely. I've never had to do this with any previous shoes though.

Posted: 31/12/2006 at 17:28

Kayanos are dead cheap on ebay at the moment.

I've bagged two pairs of the "12" model for £80.

Posted: 31/12/2006 at 17:54

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