Mizuno Wave Nirvana 4

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Mizuno Wave Nirvana 4

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Cushioned stability shoe for moderate pronators.

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Of the recent Nirvanas these are the best - I'm on to my second pair and looking forward to hundreds more miles comfort and support. Great sense of confidence to stride out in these. Continue reading...
Only had these a couple of weeks, but out of many pairs which I tried on in the specialist running shop, only these felt at all comfortable. I have one foot which is quite broad and flat and was getting blister Continue reading...


Hi all!

Had PFP issues. Blew 200 pound on physio. Got new shoes (Mizuno Wave Nirvana)

 Its like running with bricks attached to your feet. They are heavy.

 I was told my knees roll in because I have over pronating feet. Physio had taped my arches to create...arches!

 Anyhoo.... Am NOT going back to physio again as have no money. 

 Anyone been through similar issues? Just looking for a glimmer of hope I suppose to keep going

 Pain in knee is not so bad but the tightness is there in both knees around the outside of knee cap. 

(Warning: TOo much information below)

 Was sitting on toilet and holding knee cap and flexing/extending knee joint. Could hear /feel lovely crackling sensation where my hand was touching the knee cap. Had done a short 5K run in the morning.

 I just want to run. Why does it have to be so complicated?

Posted: 01/06/2008 at 15:49

I swear by Mizuno Wave Nirvana.  I have worn them from when they first came out.  I've had about 10 pairs of them, now I'm running in Mizuno Wave Nirvana 3.  Yes, they are heavy, but they do their job effectively.

I had gait analysis done after some knee problems which were resolved after spending a  lot of money on physio, and these were best fo me.  They seem to fit my foot shape too because I never get a blister in them.

I understand where you are coming from.  For me certainly, running does seem so complicated.  I know others who feel the same way, but then there are others I know who never get injured.

Posted: 01/06/2008 at 21:06

I just these shoes too. I wear them with my othotics. Admittedly I've only ever worn these and find them extremely comfortable. That being said, I've lost a bit of weight recently and they don't feel quite right any more so I'm going to see what my sports pod thinks when I see him in July.

I overpronate as well and these shoes alone wouldn't be enough for me. My orhotics are super important. A friend who also overpronates didn't find these 'strong' enough for her and went for Sauconys. 

Posted: 01/06/2008 at 21:12

Just got some of these recently and quite liking them so far. Had Brooks Addictions beforehand and if you think the Mizuno's are like bricks, you should try running in them!   That said, the Addictions sorted out my achilles problem so complaints.

Posted: 01/06/2008 at 21:33

I don't know what you've run in before, but when I got my Nirvanas, it felt like running in slippers!

Posted: 03/06/2008 at 14:44


 thats great you guys. I was running in Asics Gel Kayano before, and before that Saucony Progrid something, and then before that I think it was Asics Gel something or other. 

 Before I got injured I was doing 11 miles on my long runs. Now my long run is teeny 10K. However, it was 0 miles when I was injured a few weeks ago so I am not complaining

 The bit at the heel where most of the cushioning is, thats what feels rigid and heavy. Compared to the Asics which felt very light.

BUT they weren't doing their job properly. 

 The Nirvanas have been good to me so far, but I have only had them for 2 weeks!

 Lets see how it goes.

 Thanks for sharing your views and stuff though. 

Posted: 03/06/2008 at 16:23

I'm liking my Mizunos more and more each run. Good luck with them and good luck on the increasing mileage - you'll get there, promise!

Posted: 03/06/2008 at 22:13

hi canadiangirl,

its been a few months now since you started this thread, i've got the same knee problems that you described (the clicking isnt painful, but really not pleasant). I'm using nike triax now which are ok, a little heavy for what i need but at least the pain isnt getting worse. i am training for marathon in may so will have to decide which shoes to go for soon and contemplating the nirvanas.  How are your knees coping?  would you recommend them? 

Posted: 21/01/2009 at 11:56

I wear these with my orthotics too.  Was in the wave creation, but even with my othoses didn't have enough of an effect on my gait.

I have since gone from the 3's to the 4's but with niggling knee pain,  Does anyone know if much has changed between them.  (they are just bringing out the 5's now)

Posted: 21/01/2009 at 12:12

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