Nike Air Structure Triax 12

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Dear Runners

 I have just completed the Zurich Marathon with a pair of Nike Structure Triax 11; and it is time to purchase another pair of runner shoes.  I was professionally recommended to the 11s and I love them.  My question to you is; can I just take it for granted that the Structure 12s will be right for me also?

 Thanks in advance as always.

Posted: 29/04/2009 at 08:26

you can probably still get the 11.  i think i saw some on start fitness the other week.  i'd definitely try a new model on before buying if you go for the 12s.

Posted: 29/04/2009 at 10:07


 You'll need to try them on first. I used to work in a running shop. New versions of shoes are sometimes changed a lot, sometimes not very much at all but they can change them dramatically. They sometimes change the level of support of the shoe, the width, the fit in general, even the size. I'd say, if you can, get hold of a pair of the 11's on the net or your local shop. 

Posted: 29/04/2009 at 10:08

what IB says

Asics changed the sole design on the Cumulus going from version 9 to 10 and ruined it for me - just didn't feel the same on a test run so I changed shoes

Posted: 29/04/2009 at 10:10

The Cumulus 10 was actually a new shoe. For whatever reason, they designed a new more cushioned shoe (but still not as high spec as the Nimbus) and called it the Cumulus 10 while introducing a 'new' shoe - the Stratus - which was basically the next version of the Cumulus. You wouldn't believe the trouble that caused for us in the shops!!! Well done Asics

Posted: 29/04/2009 at 10:31

ah - I did wonder as it felt so different. I'm on Nimbus now as they feel a lot closer to the old Cumulus underfoot and so far they're fine

Posted: 29/04/2009 at 11:00

Hey, i've used N Balance, Asics, Mizuno and now, for the last two years and a half these impressive shoes. They are excellent and causing no pains whatsoever. I started with 11 and currently using the 12 "ESC" model for a bit more of trail on weekends and it is almost the same, it is excellent. Highly reccomend them!


Posted: 21/01/2010 at 12:47

I'm struggling to get a pair of these in my size, having tried to move away and failed!

 Are they still being made???????

Posted: 21/02/2010 at 22:24

I've just ordered a pair of Triax 11's from Pro Direct.

I took a bit of a chance and bought 11's off spec and had no issues with the change from 10's but it is bit of a risk

Posted: 21/02/2010 at 22:26

This thread was started nearly a year ago so you may well struggle to get the Triax 11 now. The current version is the Triax 13.

Posted: 22/02/2010 at 07:52

 Some have found that the odd numbers suit them better than the evens. I certainly have, I've got on ok wih the 12's but preferred the 11's.  Now the 13 is out I'm thinking perhaps I'll skip thr reduced price 12's.  Anyone got any feed back on the 13 yet?

Posted: 22/02/2010 at 15:28

I tried on the 13s and instantly thought `oh no!`. Much prefer their predecessors and I ended up getting Equalon 4`s which seem to be belters!

Posted: 24/02/2010 at 08:59

Still not found any 12's so trying to find a chance to get to a shop with a decent treddy to find the equalons - a few people have suggest those.

 Am in america in a couple of weeks time, so trying to spin it out until then so its cheaper!

Posted: 25/02/2010 at 20:12

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