Nike Perseus 3

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Nike Perseus 3

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As a "born again" runner, I have been disappointed by Nike's shoes, which to me seem worse than those of the late 80s! The Perseus 3 looks great, but I found the pointed(!) (rather than rounded) toe box made th Continue reading...
won't be buying them again, the squeak is soooo annoying Continue reading...
This was my first purchase of a running shoe. Nice comfortable shoe, fix the squeak!! Continue reading...
Almost faultless. Continue reading...
I think I've found my trainer of choice. Nike always seem to suit my feet, wide feet, so I've always been a bit of a Nike 'Ho and ran in Shox for over a year must to many fellow club members dismay. Switched to Continue reading...


This shoe is appaling. Dont buy it.

Posted: 14/02/2007 at 18:16

Well, obviously, I bow before such a well reasoned and balanced argument.

But, I'm on my fifth pair of Perseus II's and wouldn't wear anything else for distance running. I've been put off the Perseus III because they've moved the medial post further forward so I guess that the ride will have changed in a similar way to the way in which the Asics 1090 altered when they introduced the Asics 1100.

Posted: 14/02/2007 at 23:33

The medial post on the Perseus III has moved backwards, not forwards. It is now purely in the rearfoot. Loved the first version, not the second and quite like the third version. Fourth version coming soon and will be re-named as Span Triax...

Posted: 15/02/2007 at 09:20

Hi Sensible! Good to see you.

I too loved Version 1, but have struggled with Version 2 and 3.

Will the Span Triax be more like the 1?

<crosses fingers>

Posted: 15/02/2007 at 17:33

Hi Nessie,
No longer with a certain company, so I've got no idea what the new version will be like. Hope it will be like version 1 or the original Span Triax, as that was a splendid shoe!!

Posted: 15/02/2007 at 18:35

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