Puma Complete Concinnity

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Puma Complete Concinnity
An interesting lightweight shoe suited to mild overpronators.

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The new Concinnity is Puma’s most interesting shoe in a long while. The sole is completely flat with no scooped-out arch, which makes the shoe sit low to the ground. This has been done to improve both the ride and the stability. The Concinnity also features a rounded heel, like ...  Continue reading

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The ability to pick them up cheap makes them reasonable value, but serious runners would be unimpressed Continue reading...
Trained and run a marathon in them with out any problems. Continue reading...
My favourite running shoes! Continue reading...


I have had a gait analysis and they have reccomended I wear a stability shoe. I have come across the Puma Concinicity (sp) and fallen in love with the design. However, I know nothing about the shoe itself so wondered if anyone out there wears then and what they are like performance and comfort wise


Posted: 28/03/2007 at 17:36

Not tried it myself... actually says neutral to MILD stability! How much support do you need?


Posted: 28/03/2007 at 17:48

oooohh... Review from US Running Times...

Puma Complete Concinnity
M 6-14; W 4-10

Puma refers to the Concinnity as a lightweight stability shoe, but a small medial post is the only stabilizing component found in this shoe — and it’s simply not enough. The Concinnity should be worn by efficient runners. Such runners will likely appreciate the Concinitty’s even ride, which is the result of a rounded heel, an outersole that puts a lot of rubber in contact with the road at all time, and a smooth-flexing forefoot. The upper is most notable for the asymmetric lacing system which appears to be sliding off the shoe. (It looks as if it was designed by Salvador Dali.) Despite the strange look, wear-testers found it neither beneficial nor detrimental. While many companies are using women’s-specific platforms that are broader in the toebox, the women’s Concinnity is built on a base that is relatively narrower across the ball than the men’s platform,

Underpronators + Neutral Runners

Posted: 28/03/2007 at 17:52

Thanks for that!!! Perhaps it will not be as suitable as I thought... I do have orthotics which I have been wearing in a neutral shoe to support my arch and prevent the inward roll but the guy in the runing shop reckons that with a stability shoe I will be able to ditch the insole!!

I am such a girl when it comes to trainers... has been hard work realising that pretty isn't always practical!!!! :-)

Posted: 28/03/2007 at 17:57

Don't worry I'm constantly stopping my best friend from buying trainers by colour. She is a neutral runner and came back with some beast of a motion control shoe because it was pink! LOL

How much correction is on your orthotic and does it just correct for pronation or anything else like leg length??

Pop in on the orthotics thread... its full of fellow pronators!!


Posted: 28/03/2007 at 18:05

Sounds like a girl after my own heart!!!!

One foot has a 5 degree lift in the arch and a 3degree one under the inner edge of the heel and the other foot has 3 degrees in the arch and nothing in the heel... Will have a look in that other thread... Thanks

Posted: 28/03/2007 at 18:19

hmmm... don't chuck them just yet? looks like your prescription on your left and right are very different? (like mine!) basically one leg is slightly shorter than the other and your feet have different degrees of pronation. Not sure shoes alone could correct that? I'd speak to my pod first before taking them out.

Posted: 28/03/2007 at 18:24

It was actually the physio that got them for me when I got shin splints last sumer. Never thought to try a podiatrist... They were not horifically expensive £35 which looking at that other thread is a bargain!!! Took a bit of getting used to at first and can't wear them in anything with heels which rules out the majoriy of my shoes but I tend to have them in my kickers or anything else flat at the weekends.

Had stability trainers in Jan and been wearing them without insoles relatively trouble free. Tend to find that I get a niggle in my shin over the first couple of k then it settles down. Have only increased my distance from 5-10k at the start of the year... Am also asthmatic so have to do these things gradually - Hopefully next year will see me chance a half marathon if I can actually get any consistency into my training!!!!!

Posted: 28/03/2007 at 18:42

As you might have seen from the other thread many of us just get problems beyond a certain mileage...

Horrifically expensive at £35... LOL... I won't tell you what I paid then! Are they bespoke orthotics? Cos £35 for bespoke running orthotics seems a bargain!! Are they full length or half length? Hard, semi-rigid or flexible?

Posted: 28/03/2007 at 18:54

They are full length and made of blue foamy stuff. pretty rigid from the heel to the arch but very supple in the forefoot. Made by this company www.talarmade.com The lifts just sort of clip in and out and the physio just chose the ones that i needed and slotted them in.

Got blisters on my arches from them initially but a bit of zinc oxide tape stopped that and I now have 1000 mile socks to prevent any further occurrences.

Posted: 28/03/2007 at 19:27

I have a new, 2009 pair of these honnies. It is my first pair of Pumas and I can teel you one thing... I will never buy anything else.  This pair has done close to 9 months of running (30-70ks a week). This includes hills, offroad running, through water, sand, gravel etc etc etc. There are no signs of wear, the fabric is 100%, the cushioning is still good, it is only the undersole that is a bit thin now, but only after 9 months.  Furtermore, the ride is superb, they are light, yet offer good stability, cushioning and support. They look cool as well.

Buy Puma, they haven't broken the bloody 100m WR record for nothing.  he he

Posted: 18/01/2010 at 07:17

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