Saucony ProGrid Guide 3

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Bought these from Startfitness and they arrived yesterday. I'm used to Asics gel 3000's which are quite similar. Tried these out for the first time yesterday for 5.5mi (not a lot of miles for me) and I got bad blisters on both arches. I tried them out with the more mile socks I got free with them, but these have rib's down them which I think contributed to the friction, plus the shoes come with "comforstride" inner soles which have holes to allow breathability (but also seem to add to the friction. Gonna change the inner soles to sofsole athletes and try my normal karrimoor socks which will hopefully sort it.

Posted: 25/05/2011 at 13:03

Tried it with normal socks and replaced the "comforstride" insoles with my usual "sof sole athlete" insoles and this has done a world of good, still not perfect but I think after wearing them in a bit they will now be fine.

Posted: 29/05/2011 at 22:34

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