Asics Gel 1070 £64.99

Posted: 15 June 2000

This model may still be available on clearance. But we've reviewed a newer version since we published this.

Weight 312g
Asics’s 1000-series has traditionally been a smooth, good-value but less-cushioned alternative to the market-dominating 2000-series. Cost-conscious runners, or simply those who want a responsive, low to the ground feel with a moderate amount of added stability, have long appreciated it.
Now the 1070 is the best the 1000-series has ever been. Partly that’s because the forefoot cushioning has been boosted with a Gel insert (it should help durability a little, though it’s hard to tell the difference). Mainly it’s because the weight has dropped by a whopping 60g from last year, which really does justice to the shoe’s already smooth, responsive feel. At 312g, you could think of it as a budget alternative not just to the 2070, but to the DS Trainer too. It also comes in width options this year.
Apart from the cushioning and the weight, the other differences between the 1070 and the 2070 are the same as between their predecessors last year – the 2070 still has more cushioning, and more stability from a longer medial post and the IGS heel-strike system, and the 1070 still has a more tapered, less roomy forefoot fit.
In short
The 1070 has strengths of its own that make it more than just a compromised version of the 2070. If you want a light, smooth, stable everyday shoe but don’t need the plush cushioning of the 2070, the 1070 is an excellent option.
Try it if you liked Asics Gel 1060 (£60); Nike Air Span Triax/Air Althea Triax (£60); New Balance 763 (£60); Brooks Radius (£65)

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Asics Gel 1070

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Does anyone know where i can possiblyy get hold of a new pair of 1060's? I know they're years old and deleted but they're the only thngs which seem to like my feet...FLM looms and i'm getting knackered knees cos either new ones are not right or my old ones too, well, old.
Please help
Posted: 16/03/2004 at 00:04


Bourne Sports @ £34.99. However, several people have reported poor service from them.

Posted: 16/03/2004 at 12:31

checked sweatshop's stock, sweaty betty, sorry no women's 1060s left - if you find a stockist, stockpile them!

(I assumed you wanted the women's version!)
Posted: 16/03/2004 at 13:23

Thank you lovely attillathehun - i'm awaitn a call back from BS -they're in my size too!!!! Will post back re-service.

Cheers again xxx
Posted: 18/03/2004 at 13:45

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