Asics Gel-DS Trainer £80

Posted: 22 January 2004

The DS Trainer is updated every year, amd now enjoys Asics's Biomorphic Fit upper. That means that softer, stretchier mesh in two key points around the midfoot and forefoot to help prevent blisters and improve fit. Some testers loved last year's update of the DS – much of which remains here – others weren't so keen, but it's still a good choice if you're looking for a highly capable performance shoe.

(A review of the previous shoe follows:)

Weight 306g
Evaluation Every year, Asics updates its lightweight gem of a racer/trainer, but usually the changes are barely noticeable. But this eighth version of the DS-Trainer has had a complete overhaul. The most important change is to the rearfoot, where Asics has added a lighter version of its Impact Guidance System to smooth the heelstrike and slow the rate of pronation. There’s also a new upper, with a tighter pattern and a more rounded toe. And a new plastic midfoot shank – the Trusstic System – allows for a light but stable midsole.
In Short In the forefoot, the DuoSole pattern has been drastically changed. Gone is the traditional small lugged outsole that has proven so popular. It has been replaced with a more conventional outsole. Asics claims that this will slip less on wet pavements. Overall, the weartesting was mixed on this shoe. Some felt the midsole was too firm, while others said the ride was as responsive as ever. And there was a mixed reaction to the new upper, too. Some weren’t enthusiastic, others loved the supportive feel that the thicker material offers. One point not in dispute, though – the new DS Trainer is heavier than last year’s model.
In short Whenever a company makes drastic changes to a popular shoe, it can guarantee a mixed reaction. The DS Trainer still has that firm ride, and it’s still one of the most stable shoes in this category. But – on balance – this may not be one of the best updates of the DS Trainer.
Try it on if you liked Asics Gel DS Trainer VII (£80); Mizuno Wave Precision (£60); New Balance 770 (£55)

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My ds trainers are nearing the end of their time.

I really like them, has anyone switched from VIIIs to IXs? How different are they?

Posted: 27/01/2004 at 21:48

Still wearing the Vlll's I'm afraid.
Posted: 27/01/2004 at 21:55

hilly - did you wear them for flm last year?

Posted: 29/01/2004 at 22:36

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