Asics Gel Eagle Trail £85

Posted: 15 June 2000

This model may still be available on clearance. But we've reviewed a newer version since we published this.

Weight 381g
Evaluation As its weight suggests, the Gel Eagle Trail is an off-road shoe that’s practical and protective rather than exhilarating. On the most positive side, think of it as the off-road version of the £85 Gel Nimbus, which is a successful road shoe, particularly among efficient, heavy runners who like the well-cushioned firmness of Asics’s SpEVA midsole material.
The Eagle Trail also has a SpEVA midsole, though it’s much broader through the midfoot, which makes for a slower feel. Asics says that this is to reduce the chance of ankle sprains. The midsole also has a relatively low profile, which helps ground feel and stability – though if you’re an overpronating trail runner, you should look to Asics’s medially posted Gel Trabuco 4 (it’s even heavier, but it has more support).
US weartesters liked the Gel Eagle Trail, particularly for its forefoot ride. We’d say that if you want a protective off-road shoe with a tough upper, and you don’t run a lot on mud, it’s fine.
In short The Gel Eagle Trail is in the New Balance mould of heavyish, protective trail shoes. It has a tough upper and a nice low-profile midsole, but because it doesn’t offer a ton of grip in mud, its off-road use is limited in the UK.
Try it if you liked New Balance 804 (£60); Asics Gel Trabuco (£60); Nike Air Terra Humara (£70, discontinued)

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Asics Gel Eagle Trail

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