Asics Gel Kayano £105

Posted: 29 November 2002

Weight 359g
Evaluation If you're a neutral runner or a mild overpronator who simply wants one of the deepest, plushest shoes on the market, the Gel Kayano should be on your list (along with gems such as Mizuno's Wave Creation and Nike's Air Kantara). It includes almost every ride technology that Asics has at its disposal. And over the last couple of years, its stability features have been made less severe to smooth the ride further and widen the shoe's target audience. Like Asics's other main winter launches, this year's version has changed little beyond a cosmetic update. It keeps its Internal Guidance System, which in simple terms aims to smooth the ride and stabilise the foot by slowing pronation (rather than creating a barrier on the medial side for the foot to press against). It also keeps its shape-retaining SpEVA midsole, half-length medial post and polyurethane support cradle. And it has big rear- and forefoot Gel cushioning pads. The main change is that the rearfoot pad is made from a different kind of Gel, which Asics says should feel more natural (we didn't have a finalised version to test).
Incidentally, did you know that the Gel Kayano is the brainchild of a genuine Mr Kayano, who each year designs the shoe as his own project?
In short The Gel Kayano IX confirms that Asics has permanently left behind the heritage of the Kayano as a big-guy stability/motion control shoe. It's now unashamedly a structured cushioning shoe for comfort-seekers and big guys alike.
Try it on if you liked Nike Air Kantara (£90); Mizuno Wave Creation (£90); Nike Shox R4 (£130)

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Asics Gel Kayano

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As a user of the Mk8's I was anxious to see whether ASICS could come up with the goods again. They have surpassed themselves. I purchased a pair in the US a few weeks ago and have put in a few miles. Deeply comfortable and great for my knees.

Strongly recommended.
Posted: 02/12/2002 at 12:59

Are they similar to the Kayano 8?
Posted: 02/12/2002 at 13:26

Lawrence: if they are version VIII then be warned that they got a bit of a battering on the Gear Thread recently. Lots of blisters and stuff for previuos Kayano fans.
Posted: 02/12/2002 at 13:29

Wolfy -LUV the piccie.
Posted: 02/12/2002 at 13:49

Nessie, dead cute isn't it much better than the drunken real me....the fluffy boots are keeping me warm but I think I need to invest in the matching jacket!!!!!
Posted: 02/12/2002 at 15:51

JJ: I must admit I feel a bit top heavy and I could use shaved off fur to make a nice warm jacket...purrrr
Posted: 02/12/2002 at 17:30

Any of you guys wear orthotics and still use Kayano's. I've just bought a pair of new "Nimbus 4's" the idea being that now I wear orthotics I should use a nuetral shoe! but the Kayano is a better shoe and I would like to use them providing they won't cause me problems with my orthotics i.e too much support = blisters etc!!!! any thoughts ???
Posted: 03/02/2003 at 12:35

I'm running in my Nimbus again now because I personally prefer them to the Keyano!
Posted: 03/02/2003 at 12:53

Ahh I see Wolfy....why is that ? and do you find them as cushioned as the Kayano's ?
Posted: 03/02/2003 at 13:07

I'm very fond of my Kayanos. But I do get some instep blistering. I find that this can be stopped with Vaseline. I'm prone to knee niggles but the stability features of the Kayano seem to do the trick. I did London to Brighton in them and had only one tiny blister (LOADS of Vaseline though!).
Posted: 03/02/2003 at 22:15

New runner. On advice from my physio I changed to Gel Kayano's (2002) model. Liked them so much I wore them out this year. Looking forward to trying the 2003 model in my 1st London Marathon. 1st marathon acutally
Posted: 04/02/2003 at 14:08

I did FLM 2002 in V11 and New York in V111. V11's were fantastic but I was one of those posting on the gear thread that the V111's were never quite right for me. Am looking forward to trying the new model though.
Posted: 04/02/2003 at 14:30

I was advised to buy these (VIII) by the Sweatshop in Teddington after having my feet scanned. I'm two weeks away from the Paris marathon and have a massive blister on the instep of both feet. I've never had this problem with any other running shoes. Any suggestions that might work within two weeks??
Posted: 23/03/2003 at 16:58

Andrew..sorry if I've read this wrong but you're not trying them for the first time in the FLM are you ? They need breaking in - and if they're uncomfortable 1/2 way wrong there's not much you can do to put it right at Tower Bridge!
Posted: 23/03/2003 at 20:10

Since my last contribution I have sold my Nimbus 4's and bought a new pair of Kayano IX's. "Hey Presto" !!!! no more achilles prob's and no inner arch blisters...BUT I do have a blistering problem on my left big toe (at the end under the outer side). Now I have gone for the 2E fitting which is wider and loads more comfortable but I wonder if this has led to a trade off in which this allows my left big toe to roll in a little more than usual thus causing the blister ? I tried an experiment in which I placed 3 self adhesive rubber pads in certain positions on the underside of my left orthotic, the theory being that if I had more support then my toe would not roll so much etc...etc. This worked but with the side effect of soreness and blistering on the same inner arch ! I have spoken to my podiatrist who is going to "tweek" tghe orthotic in such a way as to give that extra support but without the arch blistering ? we'll see. I may give this a miss untill after the FLM just in case I open a can of worms so to speak! For now I can bind up the toes in question as a temporary solution just to get me through it. Any thoughts anyone ? Has any one else had similar problems when using either Kayano's or any wide fit of shoe ?
Posted: 24/03/2003 at 09:23

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