Asics Gel Kumo £75

Posted: 24 January 2003

Weight 369g
Evaluation The Kumo replaces the Preleus, which was the Asics shoe priced midway between the Cumulus and Nimbus. Essentially, the only important difference between the Kumo and the Preleus is in the midsole. The Kumo’s is made entirely of SpEVA, a higher grade of EVA, which Asics uses on its more expensive shoes.
Even so, the Kumo is still a closer relative to the Cumulus. Although it has the Trusstic midfoot support (which the Cumulus does not have), the Kumo shares the same outsole, flexible forefoot and road feel as the Cumulus. Weartesters, especially those who enjoyed the Cumulus, liked the new Kumo. They particularly liked its ample midsole cushioning. But since the Kumo (and most other Asics shoes) have a lower midsole profile than most other brands, the midsole cushioning does feel slightly firmer than other brands’ cushioned products.
In short Asics has three of the best single-density neutral, cushioned shoes on the market: the Cumulus, the Nimbus and now the Kumo. Priced between the other two models, the Kumo has the midsole durability of SpEVA at £10 less than the Nimbus.
Try it on if you liked Asics Gel Cumulus (£60); Adidas Supernova Cushion (£70)

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Asics Gel Kumo

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I need a neutral shoe for my orthotics. I was hoping to try these, but couldn't find them so I bought their forerunner, the Preleus, instead. I quite like the Preleus, but there's a little bit that rubs on my foot, and so I've begun to think about the Kumo again. I've not yet seen them in a shop. Has anyone tried them?

Thanks for any help :)
Posted: 11/03/2003 at 15:23

Posted: 12/03/2003 at 11:38

I am runnin g in them,they are slightly better than the Preleus as they have Speva which offers more cushioning in the midsole,they also have a deep toe box which is ideal for orthotics
Posted: 22/03/2003 at 21:13

Sorry Weeps, I'm a big Asics fan but I've never heard of them.
Posted: 23/03/2003 at 08:17

Thanks, absdefg! You're the only other person I've come across who's heard of them. I think I'll see if the local shop can order some for me - they sound ideal. Thanks for your help :)

SUFR - I think they've been brought in this season to replace the Preleus in the middle of the Asics neutral range, but I've not found a single shop stocking them so far! :)
Posted: 23/03/2003 at 12:31

I am afraid I have had some bad experience with 2 pairs of asics and both times been off for periods of about 2 months. At the moment looking for a new pair of trainers but not heard of them.
Posted: 23/03/2003 at 16:48


Just attached our review of them to the top of this thread...
Posted: 25/03/2003 at 09:01

Bought mine from Profeet ( I think). They're listed in the mag anyway.
Posted: 26/08/2003 at 14:21

I have had my Kumo's for 6 months now, just about on there last legs now. I have found they work well with my orthocies (? Spelling), the main thing is my heel feels secure in them. I have got a new pair of Ascis Nimbus for the extra cushioning, the jury is still out on them, I think I will go back for the Kumo next time.
Posted: 30/01/2004 at 07:57

I have Kumos and just bought a 2nd pair to replace my shortly to be kernackered current ones.

best runners I've ever had - fit well and so comfy I don't notice them.

search them out - you won't be disappointed if neutral is your need
Posted: 30/01/2004 at 10:41

Available at Start Fitness. A neutral shoe which is often recommended for orthotic wearers.
Tried its predecessor the preleus but found fit to be too wide for my narrow feet.
As always best to try on before buying.
Posted: 30/01/2004 at 10:53

I bought mine from Start Fitness in December for £64.99

They are now down to £59.98 (yippee!!)

Question : Do I buy a second pair now or wait till next month?....or the month after.

I haven't seen them cheaper anywhere else.
Posted: 02/02/2004 at 11:03


I just bought a pair of Gel- Nimbus and have worn them on the treadmill for 2nd time this morning. My niggle on outside of knee started at 15 mins!

I was wearing Motion control shoes before but Podiatrist & runners need staff said I should get different trainers. I wasnt having any trouble in the Puma peerless though & suddenly the pain starts now I have neutral shoes.

If my orthotics are working properly anyway should it make a difference!
Anyone think that Id be better off with the Kumo? Do they have more stability than the Nimbus??

Also I have 8mm extra on my left orthotic so my foot doesnt seem to be staying in the trainer that well.
Posted: 10/02/2004 at 09:15

Finding shoes that fit with orthotics is a common problem due to the extra thickness. Nike shoes tend to have deeper heel cups and are a popular make to use with orthotics where a problem such as yours.Best to try on several makes.
Most podiatrists recommend neutral shoes with orthotics but as you will no doubt read on many other threads lots of people manage quite well with stability shoes and orthotics. It is difficult to give precise advice. Personally I found that it is a case of trying several different makes/models concentrating on neutral/mild stability shoes.

Posted: 10/02/2004 at 11:54

Thanks meep meep.
I think I will go back to the shop and ask them to let me try on several different models.

Posted: 10/02/2004 at 13:33

I have been wearing orthotics for 3 years now and started out with them in my motion control shoes. NOT out of choice I will add only as I was not advised otherwise.

Switched to Neutral shoes in Jan 2004 and suffered very badly with blisters around the ball of my foot ever since. This was in a pair of Nike Pegasus and then Pearl Izumi shoes.

Have now had new orthotics made as apparently this would resolve the problem, my foot plant had changed and the orthotics were no longer providing the support and so I was over pronating again.

BUT am still suffering with the blisters. What do I do now ?
Posted: 01/10/2004 at 16:51

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