Avia ECS-Scape £80

Posted: 24 January 2003

Weight 363g
Evaluation Over the years, Avia has produced some top-notch stability and cushioning shoes, but distribution problems mean that they’ve largely remained the most hidden of hidden gems. And it’d be a shame if runners have trouble finding Avia’s latest excellent offering.
The Scape is the cushioning cousin of the Teem. It uses the same ECS technology, but has softer PU pillars on the medial side and a softer, single-density midsole.
It’s a very nice shoe indeed. The ride is far softer than the Teem, which makes for a far more relaxing ride. Weartesters liked the way the heel cradle snugly gripped the foot – and Avia says that this also provides extra cushioning by positioning fat pads under the heel. The weartesters also noted that, despite only having a single density-midsole, the Scape provided a fair amount of stability. The only downside was an Achilles tab that some found too high and rather irritating.
In short A much softer ride than the Teem, but decent stability, makes the Scape our favourite of Avia’s two latest offerings. If you want a plush everyday shoe, the Scape is well worth seeking out – although it is a little expensive.
Try it on if you liked Avia 2069 (£60); Adidas Supernova Cushion (£70)

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Avia ECS-Scape

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