Brooks Addiction 5 £64.99

Posted: 9 October 2000

Weight 362g
Evaluation The Addiction series has built up a loyal following among runners who want exceptional levels of motion control, decent cushioning and a highly competitive price tag. So, following the ‘if it ain’t broke…’ philosophy, Brooks has only made simple improvements for the Addiction’s fifth incarnation.
The main change is the use of a higher quality midsole foam (Substance 257), which now runs the whole length of the shoe, rather than in just the rearfoot. This is combined with Brooks’s rearfoot Hydroflow ST cushioning unit and a larger, denser medial post, and improves the feel at the forefoot. (Substance 257 is a more resilient EVA.)
The rest of the shoe remains largely unchanged. Built on the same ultra-supportive straight last as the Beast, the Addiction is lighter than some shoes in its category, and is a good choice for moderate to severe overpronators or big runners seeking a wide, supportive base, durability and cushioning.
In short If you are driven mad by ever-changing running shoe favourites, you’ll appreciate the steady evolution of the Addiction. It’s a supremely stable shoe, and weartesters loved its support and levels of cushioning. It’s pretty simple, but it is good value.
Try it on if you liked Brooks Addiction 4 (£64.99); Brooks Beast (£79.99); Nike Air Durham (£79.99); Saucony Grid Stabil (£74.99)

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Brooks Addiction

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I've just been out and bought a new pair of running Shoes. Tried them on and tested them on the treadmill whilst in the shop. I was advised to go for the Brooks Addiction 5 -although was put off somewhat by the fact they're a Montion control shoe. I thought these were for those with severe pronation issues. Before I hit the road are there any Forumites out there who run in these and could give me some feedback.
Previous shoes Asics Kayano VIII - not overly keen as I found the tongue too short among other things!


Posted: 15/02/2004 at 16:21

I`ve just bought the same shoe, having used addiction 4 for the last year. Went out for 30 min run in them yesterday (in the rain) and they felt fine. I have gone up to a nine from a eight and half tho`. apparantly they have better cushioning than the previous model. I am a pretty nuetral runner but was advised to get them because on my, weight twelve & half stone (heavy for a runner apparantly).
Posted: 15/02/2004 at 19:48

Thanks for the reply Ian. I thought I was a fairly neutral runner, although last time out bought a pair of Asics Kayano (Stability shoe) and this latest pair which is listed as a Motion Control shoe. I'm 12st and I suppose that is heavy for a runner.

Best give them a go!

Posted: 15/02/2004 at 22:45

I had a pair of Addiction 4s when I trained for, and ran, the FLM in 2002. They are very solid, and certainly 'did a job', to use a bit of football parlance.

Hard to say whether they're right for you as it obviously depends on your foot. Since then, I've started using New Balance 854s which I prefer. But this doesn't mean that they are better than the Brooks, just more suited to my needs. I still have my Brooks, and use them for longish walks.

Posted: 18/02/2004 at 21:44


Thanks for the reply. I tried them on a treadmill on Tuesday, doing just over 4 miles. A mixture of walking and running and I had no problem, although still have a problem getting use to the fact that I'm using MC shoes! I've decided to keep them and get out and get them dirty next week.

I currently have all sorts of injuries and have laid off running for over a year now. I'm seeing an Osteopath and he said the odd run would be okay. Hoping these shoes turn out for the better and may help prevent some of the injuries I've picked up before.

Thanks for your comments.

P.S. My Quads are killing me!!
Posted: 20/02/2004 at 10:38

12 stone - heavy?? I'm a 16 stoner and the Addiction 5's are the best shoes that I've had yet, I am just upgrading to Beast's now. They give the plushest ride that I've known but with plenty of feedback from the road etc. When I first got the Addictions my mileage shot up - they are that good. Don't worry too much about the Motion Control factor, they are lighter than most MC shoes and not at all intrusive in this respect.
Posted: 25/02/2004 at 12:36

I moved up to Beasts (yes that is the name) from Addictions when I felt I needed more Motion Control.

However since getting Orthoses have moved back down to Vapors so haven't tried the 5. The 4 was a good shoe though. If you feel OK in them then they should be fine. As I say I have moved down from Beasts as they just don't feel right anymore
Posted: 25/02/2004 at 13:53

At over 14 stone i bought the Addiction 5 and found them superb, i then made the mistake of buying a cheaper addidas shoe ( just for the sake of a change ) which in it,s self was a good shoe but didn,t do the same job. The Brooks felt so solid with no sideways roll that i'm now going to stick with the 5.
Posted: 04/03/2004 at 21:01

I don't know about all you 'normal' people out there, but choosing the correct shoe is vital for us wierdos!

I'm over 14 stone, wear 10.5 degree orthotics and couldn't run more than 3 miles without ankle and knee problems until... I got the Addiction 5. Wonderful shoes (for me)!

I got up to 9 miles (OK, 8 and then a mile of cramp and pain) before Xmas - my longest run for about 12 years - and after a couple of months off with unrelated injuries, I'm back at 5 or 6 miles again.

I love these shoes!

Of course, if you're not built like me and don't have the same knee and ankle problems, the story may be quite different.

Posted: 16/03/2004 at 15:17

Pete & Gadget,

Nice to hear that the shoes are working out for you. Well it's nearly a month since my last comments and I've still not been out in them. Shall I/Shan't I keep them!!
Based on your comments and previous posters I've give them a go.

Not the prettiest of shoes, but hey who's looking!


P.S. Currently nursing sore hamstring/knee & hip.
P.P.S Just in case you hadn't realised the above was my excuse for doing nothing.
Posted: 16/03/2004 at 15:43

I was amazed that one of my friends who is female, thin and 5'9" was recommended Addictions as her first running shoe. Blimey I thought... Then I watched her run and yes, the right foot overpronates quite a lot, though I think she might have been able to get away with a supportive shoe like the Adrenaline instead.

If you really are a neutral runner why were you using Kayano's?

12 stone is not that heavy, even for many runners. It might be heavy for a top athlete, but not for many tall club runners

Posted: 16/03/2004 at 16:15

I've got my new Addictions and didn't realise how much I'd missed them. I can't see me running in anything else. Much better colour than the last one's, my wife even said she liked the look of them. I only paid £58.50 which was a suprise as they were marked up as £64.99. Running the half at Doncaster on Sunday so should have them broken in by then.
Posted: 16/03/2004 at 23:29


Re use of Kayano's. Over the years I've always had an eye for a good deal and bought shoes with good reductions, invariably Nike's, also Saucony, NB & Adidas. The models were always for neutral gate runners and it wasn't until I bought the Kayano's from a dedicated running shop and tested them on a treadmill with video analysis that I ended up in the stability area. This time round same shop, different brand, although still addressing the pronation issue.
The lesson to be learned is seek advice and don't make your selection on price alone.

Liked the look of the Nike Perseus, but I suppose not stable enough.

I wonder if/when my various injuries pass will I still be in the stability/mc end of the market or will my running style have changed?


Good luck on the Doncaster half - let us know how you get on.

Posted: 17/03/2004 at 17:24

just had running action checked in sweatshop York as i`m on a course there man from nike videod me running on a treadmill and analized running style and apparantly i need a stability shoe.
bit peived as i`ve just bought the addiction but suppose i can use them for work (personal trainer) if not running.
Posted: 18/03/2004 at 18:44


Did the chap state how much you pronate as this will narrow down the selection of trainers most suitable for use. When I had my running style checked I was told I over pronated, although not excessively and was recommended the Addiction when I believe covers the spectrum for someone who over pronates a moderate to excessive amount.
I suppose it works on the same basis that certain shoes quoted as providing stability for people who pronate a mild amount as also quoted as being suitable for neutral runners.
If like me you fall into the moderate stability needs the Addiction will be suitable for you to run in based on what I was told.

Posted: 19/03/2004 at 10:35

Just been for my first run outdoors in my new shoes. Ran for 30 mins okay. Shoes felt like a couple of housebricks but putting this down to a 1 year + layoff and previously being used to lighter shoes.

Knee hurt a lot after run, however the problem was there before and can't blame this on the shoe.

Posted: 23/03/2004 at 16:42

Thought I'd close off this thread by saying - I've knackered my knee and haven't run since my last post. Feeling very frustrated!!
Posted: 05/04/2004 at 13:14

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