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Posted: 18 June 2002

L & B Sports Ltd, The Courtyard, Nash Farm, Horsham Road, Steyning, W Sussex BN44 3AA;
01903 817009;

Dyad 3
Trance 5
Glycerin IV





Glycerin 3

Trance NXR

Adrenaline ASR



Adrenaline GTS
Trance NXS


Racer ST
T3 Racer



Glycerin | Illusion

Trance NXG Vapor

Addiction 5




Hyperion 2

Adrenaline | Trance NXT


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Can anyone here who has brought Brooks shoes help me please?
How do these come up, fit-wise? Are they Nike/Asics like in their sizing,
Slightly larger fit, like Saucony,
Or a slightly tighter fit, like Adidas.
I ask this as I plan to get some Addiction V's mail order & I want the beest chance of getting the right size first time out.

If its any help, I'm UK8.5 Nike/Asics/Mizuno/Walsh, UK8 Saucony & UK 9-9.5 Adidas.

Cheers all,
Posted: 07/01/2003 at 19:35

Shameless boing!
Come on, someone heres gotta buy Brookes?
Posted: 08/01/2003 at 15:03

I have just bought Brooks Addiction. Normally I buy Saucony so this was a complete change for me. I take a mans size 7.1/2 as the ladies are just too narrow for me. My normal shoe size is a 7 but since starting running I have always taken a 7.1/2 in running shoes. The only shoe I found smaller and no good to me was Adidas as I found them small. So on that if I make any sense I think the Brooks Addiction is a normal fit size comparing it to Saucony.
Posted: 08/01/2003 at 16:35

i bought a pair of Brooks vapor.anyway usually i am a gents uk 10 and these are uk 11.
Posted: 08/01/2003 at 17:00

Hi kk

My name is Alex Wilson and I work for BROOKS in the UK.

BROOKS shoes generally are in the broader fit like ASICS/Saucony. They are not a narrow last like adidas or nike. This is a bit of an odd one as i would in general not link ASICS and nike sizes together, but have them in the Saucony/Mizuno catagory. And of course personal foot sizing will affect things.

As you have not got a really big size of foot, more that likely the 8 will be correct.

If you are still unsure, please call me at the BROOKS office on 01903 817009

The box sizeing is correct as has been stated as one down from the American.

Good luck with your running.


Alex Wilson
Posted: 09/01/2003 at 17:33

Cheers Alex fella, its always nice when someone representing one of the manufacturers posts a reply on the board. It certainly inspires more confidence in the brand! So far I've spotted NB, Mizuno & Brooks representatives on the board. I have yet to spot a Nike or Adidas rep. I dont know what this says about them, but clearly Brooks/Mizuno/NB most have some interest in grass-roots running if they are trawling these forums!
Thanks again,
Posted: 09/01/2003 at 17:38

Hi KK IT'S Alex here again.

I was in a bit of a rush last night because i am at a sales conference, but the other piece of advice is that wear possible, please support your local Running Specialists, and purchase the shoes there.

The mail order guys offer a great service, and if you do not have a specialist nearby this is an excellent alternative.

However if there is one piece of advice or new year resolution for all runners to follow, it would be to pruchase from their local running shop. They offer a great service, wide choice and need our support.

For details of BROOKS stockists you can visit our web site on

Posted: 10/01/2003 at 08:18

Was the spelling of 'wear' as opposed to 'where' a deliberate pun or a spelling error ?!!!

Yesterday I purchased a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS4 (from a specialist shop - Advanced Performance) and although I am a size 9 - 9 1/2, ended up with a ten because there seemed little difference in comparison to the 9 1/2!

I agree with buying from a specialist shop, even though I had to do a 70 mile round trip, I was told I needed a good cushioning shoe with a little support (had gait analysis) and could not fault the service given, problem is it looks as if I need another visit!

I did 45 mins on a tread mill last night and have a blister the size of a 50p on the inside of my left foot - the exact reason for changing from my old shoes - Asics 2070. Cross referencing on the Runners World site, it seems that these are similar shoes (hence similar problem), if Alex is still around, I would appreciate his views.

I will report on the 'after sales' service once received!

Posted: 10/01/2003 at 09:14

I love my Addiction IVs and have spotted on USA sites that you do a Trail and Walking version. Any chance of getting them over here? Have tried to contact a shop in the states but they quote $40 - $50 for shipping. Any suggestions??
Posted: 14/01/2003 at 10:20

Hi liz

My name is Alex Wilson and i work for BROOKS in the UK

The Trail Addiction is available now in the UK. If you want to give me a call at the BROOKS office i will tell you where your nearest stockest is. 01903 817009


Alex Wilson
Posted: 19/01/2003 at 16:10

Alex -

I also run in Brooks - currently Addictions but Beasts in the past.

Point taken about supporting the local running shop - but there isn't a Brooks retailer in Reading. Which is why I've also been running in Nikes, because at least I could try them out. To sample the latest Brooks I have to go to London (not being a driver and all that).

Any prospect of getting an outlet in Reading? It's a big town with a big running club.

We have a Sweatshop, but the manager there said there had been some issues between the company and Brooks in the past.

I agree with KK about welcoming a company rep on the forum. Good to see you.
Posted: 19/01/2003 at 16:25

Hi Mutley.

Alex Wilson here from BROOKS UK.

Glad to see that the motion control shoes we do work well for you. BROOKS heritage comes from this area and we are very proud of the Addiction and Beast as footwear products that really look after runners feet.

There is an excellent BROOKS stockest at Farnham Common, which is near Slough, called Apex Sports. They have all of our range and are a running specialist. That is not too far from you.

As regards Sweat Shop, the issues the Manager refers to are long cleared up, and refer to the time when it was dificult to get the brand in the UK. This is an issue we have had as we have re-introduced the brand back into the UK over the past 3 and 1/2 years, but in most cases this has been over come. I don't think there is any problem now with Sweat Shop other that as we were out of the picture for a while, other brands have got in ahead of us. Our sales in the other specialists tell us that.

Not too long ago i was with the buyer of Sweat Shop, and whilst we are not stocked by them at present, individual shops can order specials. If traveling is a problem as you state, they should be able to help in Reading. Otherwise Apex are your nearest or look at the BROOKS web site.

However if you need any help with this please call me at the BROOKS office. 01903 817009.


Alex Wilson
Posted: 19/01/2003 at 17:06

Interesting reading about Brooks. I was sold some Brooks Glycerine by Advanced Performance and tried them for a couple of months before going to a different running shop and reverting back to Nike Air Pegasus. I'd gone for new shoes as my knees were starting to hurt and it was suggested I had a pronation which needed correcting and my old shoes were old in years if not in miles. Very disappointed with the Brooks as although they felt comfortable on I soon developed black toenails and sore toes generally (and I went a size up) - though my knees were OK!

Posted: 05/01/2007 at 18:09

Keyworth Girl
What size shoes do you take?

I have a pair of Addiction trail in UK size 8's that are sat around collecting dust if that is of any use to you. They have only been worn 3 times, and only once for running, and I am fairly close to you living in Mansfield. If they are any good for you they are yours.

Alex, sorry for potentially taking a customer away from you. Other reps do appear on the forums, but many are not open about working for their employers. Thank you for your honesty. Any new Beasts you need testing??
Posted: 05/01/2007 at 19:38

Usually a 4 or 4.5 so my Brooks were a 5.5. Would need several pairs of socks to pad yours out unfortunately - but thank you for the thought and offer! I wish running shoes weren't so expensive - having paid £75 both times recently I feel I should persevere but it's not doing my toes any good - see my first ever and only posting 'sore toes'

Anybody else got some brand news shoes in my size out there they've only run in once?!

Interesting what Alex said about Brooks being for wider feet. I had worried I was sold what the shop wanted to sell me but I do have wide feet so perhaps they did have my best interests at heart after all. I also have quite a high instep which possibly causes a problem?

Posted: 05/01/2007 at 20:12

Wear a 9 1/2 in Asics 2100 and a 10 in Brooks Adrenaline, so not that much in it in my opinion. Perhaps the Brooks are slightly wider?
Posted: 06/01/2007 at 17:44

Have you checked the date of this thread - it was started in 2003.
Posted: 06/01/2007 at 18:11


No I hadn't noticed the dates, just looked at the date of the post before mine.
Posted: 07/01/2007 at 06:45

Do Brooks still do the Addictions ASRs? I recently moved up to the Addiction from Adrenaline.

I've also just come back from one of the Brooks monthly runns - very well organised for a free even I would really recommend them.
Posted: 07/01/2007 at 11:51

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