Etonic Pro 3 MC2 £70

Posted: 22 January 2004

Weight 387g
Evaluation Of all the new Etonic models, the Pro 3 is probably the shoe that harks back to past most. It's a real old-fashioned motion control shoe right from the straight last through to the one-piece outsole and the polyurethane midsole and TPU medial post.
Few firms still make shoes with a full polyurethane midsole – it's durable but its also heavy. That said, many heavy runners with severe motion control problems love them, so there is still a market.
The Pro 3 isn't as cushy or smooth as the Pro 5 – that's because the midsole is harder, but its undeniably stable. It's also going to prove incredibly hardwearing so it's a good shoe if you usually destroy them.
In short Old fashioned, the Pro 3 could be a shoe from the last century. But if you want tons of stability and massive durability you won't complain.
Try it on if you liked Nike Air Durham £80

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