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Posted: 26 April 2004

Inoveight ltd, Rectory Lane, Wolsingham, Co Durham, Dl13 3AJ;
01388 526500;

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I've posted this on the injuries thread too but-
Since buying innovate terrocs my achilles are very sore/stiff. my normal shoes are asics 1090s, and these are my first trail shoe.
could it be something to do with the loss of cushioning? are the shoes flatter? is there anything I can do?
otherwise the shoes are great
Posted: 11/08/2004 at 15:52

the inov-8 shoes are very much firmer and flatter interms of cushioning, compared to 1090. But thats the idea of them
Eventhough the terroc is the most cushioned of the range it still shouldn't be used for much hard/road ground running at all.
To help your body get used to a new feel, it could be worth trying and pair of NOENE shock innersoles to help stop the impact.
Posted: 11/08/2004 at 17:52

Could it be that they have much higher heel tabs and that these rub the achilles?
Posted: 11/08/2004 at 18:10

The 1090 has a fair amount of support, so if the innov-8 (sp?) ones don't, it could be that you're pronating more and twisting the achilles, rather than it being a cushioning issue.
Posted: 11/08/2004 at 21:10

I got a sore Achilles with Innov8 Mudroc. My theory, such as it was, was that because the outsole in the rearfoot was convex, it increased pronation. Innov8 says the rounded ground-contact area is meant to improve grip when you're contouring hillsides, which it might do, but I can't see that encouraging pronation is a great idea for most people.

I normally use Walshes with no problem at all, so it's not as if I have a need for extreme support or cushioning.

HOWEVER... if I remember correctly, the Terroc has a flatter outsole than the Mudroc, so that may not be the issue, Neilly - but worth turning the shoe upside down and having a look.
Posted: 12/08/2004 at 09:32

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