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Posted: 18 June 2002

Mizuno House, 612 Reading Road, Winnersh, Berks RG11 5HR;
0118-936 2100; www.mizunoeurope.com

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Why is it that there is so little comment on New Balance Shoes, both on the site and in the magazine? I run in New Balance 1220S's which have been available for a long time, yet they have never featured in any shoe test report in the magazine, and according to the Runners World site do not even appear to exist. Being on the heavy side, I have run in Brooks Adrenaline and Beast Shoes, Asics MC+, Mizuno Alchemy and others. New Balance's 1220S shoes are the best I have ever run in, giving both support and being more flexible (faster) than other motion control shoes, and as said previously, according to Runners World don't appear to exist ?
Posted: 07/09/2002 at 12:42

New Balance rock, man. Almost as good as my wellies!
Posted: 09/09/2002 at 10:51

Cynically : maybe its because they don't buy as much advertising from Rodale than the other manufacturers.
Posted: 09/09/2002 at 12:34

The truth is rather less conspiratorial, I'm afraid. We reviewed the 1220 when it first came out, in September 2000, but the website only covers 2002 and 2001 shoes.

For most models and manufacturers, this isn't a problem, because models tend to get updated annually. But New Balance famously keeps some of its shoes unchanged for years. which is why it can seem as if they have a lower profile.

For the record, we gave the 1120 a good review, saying that it was a more protective and stable, but less performance-oriented, alternative to the Asics Gel Kayano.

Finally, if it looks as though our New Balance index is thin on 2002 shoes, it's because we reviewd most of the spring releases in our Dec 01 issue.

Hope that's cleared up

Sean, RW
Posted: 09/09/2002 at 13:48

sing the praises of new balance!!!! Ive gone from the 825 thru to the 829 then onto the 729.Not a pain or a blister in sight.The only trouble is that they dont wear out ,or is it me that is so lightfooted?
Posted: 30/09/2002 at 20:34

I had a pair of 763's bought in Feb 2002 - great shoes but the black part of the sole, at the heal ripped off after only a month or so, took them back and they were replaced. Same problem occurred again after about another 150 or so. Guy in running shope seemed to suggest it may be I have a strange running action - which is probably true, but it is a real shame because the shoes themselves are very comfortable.

They have now been sent back to NB for analysis !!!

Posted: 01/10/2002 at 15:56

New Balance shoes have kept my over-ample frame on the road for nearly two decades.It's the width sizing which is the magic trick. Anyone with odd-shaped feet like me should try NB! And while on the subject of shoes - bring back vibram soles for road running. That and a carbon rubber heel and you couldn't wear them out.
Posted: 06/10/2002 at 17:05

I have a pair of NB 715's and couldn't find anything on them either. Were they reviewed at some stage?
Posted: 02/11/2002 at 22:59


thanks for the comprehensive explanation - do you mind if I pass this on to our product/marketing guys? They may want to think about ways of raising the profile of the 'long running' styles.

Oh, when I say 'our' guys, it's cos I work for New Balance.
Posted: 04/11/2002 at 15:56

I'm joining in a bit late on this but join in I will. I run in 854s and nothing beats them. Maybe New Balance do need to raise the profile of their shoes 'cos I agree they rarely get the accolades they deserve. Never mind the cosmetics, feel the width!
Posted: 01/12/2002 at 22:57

Does anyone know anything about NB 805s(Grey outer). I recently bought a pair in the USA and cant find any info on them anywhere. They are really great to run in- seem to be well cushioned but also plenty of support.

Any info from anyone would be appreciated and an indicative price in the UK ( to see if I got a bargain or not!)

Posted: 20/12/2002 at 04:07

I have had two pairs of 763s and now have a pair of 764s.

Great shoes.

But they seem to wear out pretty quickly - about 300 miles I start to get more pains.

Just got rid of a suspected IT Band problem by changing my shoes, can't be a coincidence.
Posted: 20/12/2002 at 10:37

Sean F,

Appreciate the answer - would it be possible to have all reviews of shoes currently available on the web? Otherwise its a bit like penalising a company for keeping their shoes unchanged - when I'd rather see them penalised for changing their shoes every year.
Posted: 20/12/2002 at 13:33

For years I've had a pair of NB 600s. I've run in them for the past 2 years but just been told they're cross-trainers not running shoes. After a posting on this site, NB's UK marketing manager, Robert Ward very kindly invited me to their office in Warrington for foot measurement and general advice on shoes; this appears to typify NB's customer outlook and it seems to me they don't need too much profile raising - the best advertising is word of mouth.

Anyway, I bought a pair of 715s and finished my first run (5 miles) in them with a sore right toe and slight pain in the right knee. There's plenty room in the shoe so the toe wasn't rubbing but I felt I was rolling on to it and pushing off the stride almost on the toe alone. I'll persevere (as advised by the retailer)on the assumption it is just the change from running in 'improper' (although very comfortable)shoes.
Posted: 21/12/2002 at 07:57

I also bought New balance 763 for the 2002
FLA it is a superb shoe and i would like to get the next series 764 for this year FLA. Any bargain any where?
Posted: 25/02/2003 at 14:44

The RC240s make you feel like a whippet even if you aren't one. Not recommended for long distances obviously. However if you are a runner who likes the feeling of running barefoot or wearing spikes for cross-country then these are even better!
Posted: 26/02/2003 at 23:49

I'm really looking forward to trying out some NB shoes reviewed in RW a couple of months ago. An alternative to the Adidas SN Cushion. Must be worth having an alternative...

Posted: 27/02/2003 at 10:48

Another advantage to NB is that you can go up to the factory shops in Cumbria and buy seconds, end-of-lines, etc at pretty decent prices.

That's because some of their shoes are made in England, rather than by underpaid children in a third-world country.

Posted: 28/02/2003 at 18:02

A very good point about the labour Andy!Have you got a number/address for the factory shop - next time I'm passing...
Posted: 28/02/2003 at 21:47

I've started using my 240s for all my training under 8 miles. The more I wear them the more I like them. I will be getting a pair of the 150s for short races.

Posted: 01/03/2003 at 13:12

Alan, there was another forum earlier about NB's factory shops - I've copied the shortcut to that, http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/forum/forummessages.asp?URN=5&UTN=4874&SP=&V=6

However, if that doesn't work, go to forums, search on keyword 'factory', but in threads not in messages - threads gives two, messages gives 300 !
Choose the thread 'cheap 854s' or something like that, and there's a phone number for the shop at Shap.
If you're driving past, just take the main street straight through the middle and you'll find it - Shap isn't very big abd seems to just be one thin street.

I've been to the shop at Shap a couple of times and also the one in Keswick. There's another at Maryport, apparently next to the factory itself.
The guy in Keswick said that Shap could perhaps have more choice then him as they have a bigger stock room, but with both of them, it's a matter of what they've got in.

I've bought cosmetic seconds before and been happy - got funny marks on them or slightly skewy stitching, etc - nothnig that a coating of mud won't improve !
Posted: 03/03/2003 at 13:40

The other shop is in Flimby, on the coast between Maryport and Workington. It's got probably the biggest selection, as it's attached to the factory itself.
Posted: 03/03/2003 at 13:42

I spoke to the chap in the cheap Shap shop.... ;-)
Posted: 03/03/2003 at 17:28

Let me get this right. The chap in the cheap Shap shop sells certain shoe seconds?
Posted: 03/03/2003 at 22:10

why shertainly mish moneypenny
Posted: 03/03/2003 at 22:27

New Balance make shoes and clothes, etc at a factory in Flimby, Cumbria, as well as at other factories around the world. I like the idea of buying British.
They have three factory shops in Cumbria, at Flimby, Shap & Keswick. Shap is just off the M6 if you're passing going to/from Scotland, Keswick is handy if you're up walking in the North Lakes, I've never been to Flimby which is on the coast.
In these shops they sell 'seconds' from the factory, plus presumably end-of-lines, unpopular colours, etc, I dunno. And presumably they also sell 'perfects', but being the factory shop I assume they're cheaper than normal RRP.
I've bought 'seconds' shoes from them in the past, which have had minor cosmetic faults. The shoebox has 'Second' stamped clearly on the end label, the fault is that the stitching is skewy or there's scuffing on them, etc. I found them to be perfectly good shoes, but a chunk cheaper than 'perfects'.
However, it is a matter of what's in stock when you go, although you can ring and check, and apparently they do mail order - see the other thread I mention above.
I'm not connected with NB at all, just a bit tight, and they seem a bargain to me.
Posted: 04/03/2003 at 12:37

I've bought loads of shoes from the Shap Shop and I've neber had a problem with any of them. My latest purchase was yet another pair of 854's for £22.50. Mrs FF found them last night, she is not amused.
Posted: 04/03/2003 at 13:14

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