Mizuno Wave Alchemy £69.99

Posted: 16 June 2000

Weight 362g
Evaluation Mizuno is playing safe with its range this year, and rightly so. Its Wave technology is the most versatile on the market, giving the company’s shoes a smooth ride no matter how much stability the Wave plate is engineered to provide.
The Wave Alchemy is the little brother to the £80 Wave Foundation, and both are for moderate to severe overpronators. Both have a double wave that acts like a medial post to limit overpronation, and both have thick cushioning with rear- and forefoot VS1 pads. The Wave Foundation is just slightly more robust.
The difference between the two shoes has become even less now that the Alchemy has gained a more supportive upper, a little more weight and a firmer forefoot that provides more stability on toe-off than before (this was one of the shoe’s few weaknesses). The new upper is worth the 12g weight gain, as it helps to secure the midfoot better by using a Biolock strap which cradles the outside of the rearfoot and integrates into the lacing system.
In short If you want the biggest, toughest Mizuno motion control shoe, the £80 Wave Foundation is your option. For all other moderate to severe overpronators, though, this new improved Alchemy has support and smoothness at a better price.
Try it if you liked Brooks Beast (£85); Mizuno Wave Foundation (£80); Asics Gel MC+ (£75)

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Mizuno Wave Alchemy

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