Mizuno Wave Mercury £65

Posted: 16 June 2000

This model may still be available on clearance. But we've reviewed a newer version since we published this.

Mizuno’s key stability shoe isn’t in the premier league of its Wave Rider, Wave Precision and racing shoes, but it’s a nicely protective, and very stable offering. The midsole and outsole are the same as last year’s model (which was called the Conviction - see below); the upper simply has a more protected forefoot, there’s an internal stability strap, and the price has increased by £5. It’s not one of Mizuno’s smoothest shoes on heel-strike, but new testers raved about it – maybe we’re becoming spoilt.

Mizuno Wave Conviction (2001) £59.99
Weight 356g
Evaluation The new Wave Conviction combines the characteristics of the highly stable Wave Alchemy and the super-smooth Wave Rider. Even though the Conviction keeps the name and price of last year’s shoe, it’s far superior, with a lighter mesh upper of the sort that’s becoming Mizuno’s signature, plus improved rearfoot stability, and a smoother, more responsive ride. Two things have improved the Conviction’s stability: the foot sits lower in the shoe, and the Conviction now uses a similar double fan-shaped Wave plate to the Wave Alchemy (it’s the blue, rippled part in the midsole). Because of the way the waves are arranged, the double fan-shaped plate acts as a medial post to slow overpronation. The plate also extends through to the midfoot to support the arch and stop the shoe twisting. The only down side of the shoe is that the softer forefoot ride means that the stability isn’t as great on toe-off as it was in the old version. In reality that simply means that the forefoot stability is now average, where before it was very good. As a whole, though, the Wave Conviction is a fantastic shoe and extraordinarily well priced.
In short The Wave Conviction is one of the best £70 stability shoes on the market – except it’s £60. Its blend of smooth ride and excellent rearfoot cushioning is hard to beat.
Try it on if you liked Mizuno Wave Rider (£75); Asics GT-2060 (£70); Saucony GRID Omni (£70); Nike Air Pegasus (£60)

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Mizuno Wave Mercury

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