Montrail Wasatch II £47.95

Posted: 16 June 2000

Weight 381g
Evaluation The Wasatch II is designed for slightly more technical running than Montrail's Leona Divide was, with deeper outsole tread, and a strongly curved last.
A curved last is unusual in a trail shoe, because in one sense it reduces stability, by encouraging pronation. Montrail uses it to make the shoe more nimble on turns and intricate terrain. In theory, the curved last (and its added lateral support) could also help to reduce the likelihood of ankle sprains.
If you’re a moderate or severe overpronator, the Wasatch II’s curved shape rules the shoe out for you. However, because Montrail neutralises the shoe’s instability with a half-length medial post, it should be a good, sure-footed option for most other runners. There are more softly cushioned trail shoes on the market, but a forefoot protection plate makes it particularly suited to rough ground nonetheless.
In short Heavy-duty grip and a sure-footed design make the Wasatch a serious off-road shoe. It’s not the lightest model around, but it’s protective, very well made and competitively priced.
Try it if you liked Montrail Leona Divide (£55); Timberland Pathseeker (£70); Adidas Brahma (£60)

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Montrail Wasatch

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