New Balance 1022 £75

Posted: 24 January 2003

We've reviewed a newer version since we published this.

Weight 350g
Evaluation The 1021 was a plush, nicely cushioned shoe that appealed to runners who loved a soft ride. It’s replacement, the 1022, is all that and more. New Balance has softened the midsole – a combination of EVA and Abzorb. It now feels softer than its predecessor, as well as rivals like the Adidas Supernova Cushion.
However, the plush feel doesn’t mean this is necessarily a shoe for the heavy runner. In fact, some of our heavier weartesters weren’t as keen on the shoe as our lighter ones. For a cushioned shoe, it feels flexible and responsive, which could explain its appeal to lighter, efficient runners who chose the shoe to cosset their feet on longer, slower runs. But its lack of a medial post means that the 1022 isn’t a shoe for those seeking stability.
In short It’s a close call between the Supernova Cushion and the 1022, but among lighter testers, the responsiveness of the 1022 gives it the edge.
Try it on if you liked New Balance 1021 (£75); Adidas Supernova Cushion (£70)

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New Balance 1022

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Anyone else having difficulty getting a hold of this brand?. I love the shoes and have ran in them for 20 years BUT recently they have disappeared (well on Tyneside anyway). Most other brands are available usually at discount and sale prices but not NB. I know i could could get them on the net but I have odd shaped feet and must try them on first
Posted: 01/08/2003 at 19:25

You could try the factory shops - one in Shap, one keswick, one at the factory itelf in Flimby (near Workington.)

Or call the freephone customer service number (it's on the website, and they can point you to stockists in the area (they should also be able to give you the number for the factory shops). Don't forget that if the dealer hasn't got the size/model that you want in stock they can order them, to have them in within a couple of days if they're in stock at the warehouse - don't believe them if they say they can't, it's just that they'd rather flog you something they've already got in stock.

If you've got 'odd' feet you might be interested in the current 'measure up' tour - see the website again.

Good luck.
Posted: 01/08/2003 at 19:35


I've got huge toes which chew their way out of most shoes so I need something with a rubber toe box (sounds like the back pages of certain magazines, which I believe are available !) The 802/803 have been excellent but all things come to and end and I can't find the successor locally.
Posted: 02/08/2003 at 14:33

Northern Runner in Newcastle sell NB I believe.....
Posted: 02/08/2003 at 19:23

new balance have disappeared? tell that to the guys in my warehouse at work who have just taken a huge lorry-load in on a delivery...!
Posted: 05/08/2003 at 14:51

I'm looking for the new 705s (Trail)

Any offers ?
Posted: 10/08/2003 at 11:20

les - go for slowboys advice on this- I think he works for NB!
Posted: 11/08/2003 at 18:23

Thanks for the info
Posted: 12/08/2003 at 14:24

Im looking for a cushioned shoe that has a narrower heel than mizuno wave creation4,asics nimbus 5 and nike pegasus. Is this it?
Posted: 20/09/2003 at 19:14

Annajo - yup - I don't really make a secret of it, but also don't want to be accused of using the forum to plug the brand - so just try to be helpful where possible.....
Posted: 21/09/2003 at 17:52

Slowboy - These factory outlets you mention, do they sell the latest models at the hugely reduced prices I read about on the forum or are they older models?

Also, does anyone know if Asics have a factory outlet in the UK?
Posted: 22/09/2003 at 12:52

Ferret - they are the latest models

eg I got a pair of 855's last months for £29.99
Posted: 22/09/2003 at 15:17

The factory outlets sell both older lines, and current models which have been rejected following production - often they are for very minor production faults, such as slight cosmetic damage to the uppers.

No idea about Asics I'm afraid.....
Posted: 23/09/2003 at 10:08

Question for Slowboy...

What is happening with NB racers? The 150s are very hard to find and the 240s are now not on the web-site. Are 330s replacing 240s? Are 240s continuing? Are 150s continuing? When are the KK 205s coming out and are they replacing anything.

I wish companies would leave their shoes alone. The 240s and 150s were perfect - no changes PLEASE!!!!
Posted: 23/09/2003 at 11:45

Boing - for slowboy before we hit page 2!
Posted: 23/09/2003 at 14:44

Hiya Pantman - stuck in a meeting at the mo, will refer this question to one of the clever boys in product/marketing......
Posted: 23/09/2003 at 14:48

Cheers, Slowboy! Will wait for the news...
Posted: 23/09/2003 at 14:51

Have just spoken to a young lady at one of the factory shops (01931 716333) and although they don't have the shoe I want (854 size 9 4E), without prompting, she volunteered to phone around for me to see if any are available elsewhere. Impressive service!
Posted: 23/09/2003 at 15:49

My, what fat feet you have OB!!
Posted: 23/09/2003 at 21:34

Ferret, nearest Asics factroy outlet is in Troyes, 1 hr south of Paris, but it's good. I have already heartily recommended the NB shops (before you ask, no I don't)
Posted: 23/09/2003 at 22:29

Pantman - the 150, 240 and 330 will all continue for the rest of 2003 and probably be in some stores/mail order into 2004 as they get phased out (my fault for not having 240 on the website, thanks for pointing out).
The 150 is the ultra lighweight racer (142g), 240 more of an all rounder and the 330 a more supportive racer for longer distances.

Into 2004 we'll have the 205 Khannouchi shoe (£55) and a new racer called the 750 (£50). When to replace shoes (if at all) is a constant dilemma but to be honest we've never been as successful with racers as we have with road shoes and felt that we needed to move the category on next year if we're to get them backed by retailers. For what it's worth, I reckon the new 750 looks and feels really good and hopefully you'll like it if you try.

Otherwise, might be a good time to hunt down some 150's or 240's before the year is out.

NB Running
Posted: 24/09/2003 at 10:47

FF - I prefer to call them broad!
Posted: 24/09/2003 at 11:31


The thing that makes the 150 & 240 so good are as follows:
1) No medial support.
2) No heel cushioning in 150s
3) Weight of 150s (almost same as much heralded Mayfly)
4) 240 being so similar with just the addition of rear cushioning without much heel raise.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to find racers in ANY other brand providing these qualities - I've looked.

It seems that these models aren't pushed on their qualities enough - as soon as we discover them they are phased out. The problem is the marketing of the old ones. When people recognise the value they will kepp coming back without changes needed - e.g. Pegasus - you need to let people know better WHY these are great shoes.

Pose running is really picking up and they (presumably for the reasons I have listed above) are recommending your racers, I am recommeding them and the word is spreading, but everyone says they just can't find them! And now you are getting rid of them. NIGHTMARE!!!

What are the weights and features of the 205 & 750 - please say no medial support. We want lightweight racers for forefoot runners not needing support (150s) and a similar shoe with a bit of heel cushioning for those still learning to run properly (240s).

More info PLEASE!!!!!!
Posted: 24/09/2003 at 13:39

You know your stuff, a pleasure to read.

Good news - The 205 is in the mould of the 240 - a shade over 200g, no medial post, very low profile midsole and a bit of cushioning in heel and ff.
Not so good news (for you at least) - The 750 is more of a replacement for the 330 - therefore heavier than the 205 (235g) and medial post.

This category's been tough in the past for us. Because of our 'no superstar endorsement' philosophy we've not had the marketing presence in track and field which maybe has hampered us in convincing retailers to buy into NB racers vs. more visible brands. Our product's sound, we know that, you know it, but there's a lot of brands fighting for limited wall space in a niche category (compared to road running) and our shoes haven't always been the first ones bought. Which we want to change.

Hence this new range which we'll market more prominently when launched to make sure they become more visible.

As for the 150, this is one of those niche shoes which will never be a massive seller, like say our 854, but is a god-send for those like you who crave that ultra minimalist feel. At the moment, it's not officially in the line for next spring which NBUK cherry pick from, but it's been in and out before and hopefully with more consumer demand from people like yourself it will see a return.
Posted: 24/09/2003 at 14:19

So basically, Robert, you're saying buy up the 150 NOW and stock up for the next few years, but don't worry about the 240 as the 205 is pretty much a straight swap. Right?

Shame about the 150s :-(
But Romanov at Pose tech is still planning on bringing out his own shoe which will be similar. I just LOVE my 240s, though, as they give me an "insurance policy" if my form deteriorates over a long run on teh road.

Thanks for the swift reply.
Posted: 24/09/2003 at 14:43

Robert - If you're out there, can you let me know if my understanding was right (see above). Also when are teh 205s due to hit stores.
Posted: 25/09/2003 at 14:05

Sorry for delay. Assumptions are spot on - get hold of 150's where you can and 205 should do the job of the 240. 205 out in January.
Posted: 25/09/2003 at 15:08


Can you tell me if NB have any 150s in UK 12.5 left in stock?? 7 pairs would be nice...
Posted: 26/09/2003 at 13:36

Don't bother - nice lady on the phone just told me...
Posted: 26/09/2003 at 13:56

Pantman - what are you? a lottery winner. Why the 7 pairs of trainers and how long would they last?
Posted: 26/09/2003 at 13:59

Pantman - you're obviously interested in the Pose technique, you could dig up a couple of threads (on 'General', I think) from about 12 months ago titled 'Gordon Pirie book'.

They engendered some fairly, er, strong views on the whole subject of forefoot running.

FWIW I've spent quite some time recently learning to forefoot strike, and I've had a lot of success using lightweigh trainer/racers. Although I often use RC240s, I've also found M770 and the new M900 to be very suitable - felxibility in the forefoot seems to be a key requirement - and the fact that there is some decent rearfoot cushioning is nice insurance for when I'm tired and the gait starts to go a bit. Very few shoes have stability devices that extend into the forefoot area, so I've found the medial posts in the 770 and 900 really have no negative impact on the gait cycle when running with a forefoot strike.
Posted: 26/09/2003 at 14:22

Ferret - I said 7 would be nice, not that I can afford 7... But this is the last chance EVER to get them.

Slowboy - Yep - I'm trying to anyway... We have a Pose thread here under general. I now do ALL my milegage in 240s and have been able to increase the miles as a result. My 240s have the "insurance cushioning" - working towards 150s...
Posted: 26/09/2003 at 14:44

Just ordered a pair of 854s from the factory store. 24.99. Can't beat that! And very pleasant service.
Posted: 26/09/2003 at 15:08

Pantman - if you brought 7 pairs how long would you envisage them lasting you?

Do you alternate you running shoes at all?

I have one pair I run in (Kayano's) but at £90 a pair I'm reluctant to buy another pair.
Posted: 26/09/2003 at 15:42

300-400 miles for the first pair - 1000 for the last. I am learning pose technique - the better you get the less time your foot is in contact with the ground and the lighter the contact and the better the lift (rather than scrape). But remember these shoes are only 142g - 7g more than the 100km Mayfly.
Posted: 26/09/2003 at 16:51

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