New Balance 1040 £84.99

Posted: 16 June 2000

Weight 368g
Evaluation Once known purely as a big-guy company, New Balance is now making more shoes for lighter and faster runners. Like its decent 730 and 830, the all-new 1040 is built for responsiveness, with a low-profile midsole and a very smooth-riding forefoot. Like the 2000, the 1040 is also a showcase for New Balance’s N-ergy rearfoot cushioning cartridge, which has only been seen so far in one of its racing shoes.
The hollow cartridge sits below the entire heel area and consists of a firm tubular outer rim, which guides the foot onto a softer ‘sweet spot’ in the middle on heelstrike. It should add durability to the shoe, and it absorbs shock well, though the fact that it feels firm to the touch may turn off potential buyers.
Like the cheaper 1021, the whole shoe feels faster than its weight suggests, because the forefoot is divided into three separate sections for flexibility. It fits nicely and rides smoothly (despite an occasional clip-clop sound from the cartridge).While it has good midfoot stability from an effective shank, its soft heel-counter means that it’s definitely a model for runners without pronation problems.
It’s a nice shoe, even if it’s not quite perfect. The N-Ergy cartridge doesn’t obviously enhance the ride; if you run over stones and gratings you can feel them through the big forefoot flex grooves; and you need to check whether you suffer from irritation from the unpadded part of the ankle collar (apparently an individual issue).
In short The good bits of the 1040 are very good – a super-smooth forefoot ride, and a potentially very durable rearfoot cushioning system. It should go down best with faster, forefoot-oriented runners who want a responsive but protective shoe for high mileage (even though they’ll wear out the forefoot cushioning while there’s still plenty of life in the rearfoot).
Try it if you liked Brooks Adrenaline GTS (£70); Adidas Gazelle Chartbreaker (£80); New Balance RC-1 (now RC-1001, £70)

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New Balance 1040

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I've just bought a pair of NB 1040 by mail order, they don't seem to me to be a pair, the left one seems to have much more arch support than the right to such an extent that it is almost painful, all the numbers on the shoes are identical, is it possible there is a problem with an insole which could be cured by buying replacements?, ive done about 50 miles in them so i dont think its a running in problem, or could it be that my feet aren't a pair!
Posted: 02/01/2003 at 19:57


I bought a pair of 1040s and had a similar experience. I really can't remember whether it was particularly the right foot or the left foot that was most painful. I actually sought advice from a NB consultant, who recommended that I gave them a bit more time.

I did this, and the pain disappeared (well, more of an ache really). Whether my foot really needed that much support, and finally settled down to the right running style I don't know. It probably took about 75 miles to settle down.
Posted: 03/01/2003 at 13:07


I've had a pair of 1040s for a few months now and have had no problems although in the past, problems have been caused by the fact that my feet are not of the same dimensions as each other. This problem often disappears as the shoes are worn in, and the materials soften.
Posted: 24/10/2003 at 11:37

I enjoyed running in my 1040s, though I did have an uncomfortable ride in them for about 100 miles or so. I had a blister on the inside of my right foot that took some while to heal. Perhaps I ran too far in them too soon.
However, I ran the London Marathon in them last year nd have just ordered another pair via NB direct.
I've been running in 855s in the meantime and find them too supportive.
Posted: 04/02/2004 at 18:45

Having bought 2 pair (they were only £30 each at Sutton Runner) and not suffered any of the problems mentioned, I was delighted to read the review that said "It should go down best with faster, forefoot-oriented runners who want a responsive but protective shoe for high mileage"

Anyone who knows me would probably die laughing at that description!
Posted: 03/08/2004 at 17:26

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