New Balance RC240 £44.99

Posted: 17 June 2000

Weight 205g
Evaluation One of the most striking features of the RC240 is its distinctly ’80s look. But if you can get past the grey, yellow, blue and white colour scheme, you’ll find a perfectly decent racer. The RC240 replaces the distinctly more monochrome RC230, which we said was a shoe that would suit lightweight, fast and efficient runners for short distances and speedwork on soft surfaces.
The same goes for the 240. That’s because while the rearfoot offers the kind of cushioning you’d expect in a marathon racer, the forefoot doesn’t. There are no stability features, so there’s quite a bit of flex between the forefoot and rearfoot, which means stability-oriented runners should give it a miss. The soft, malleable upper, while comfortable, also raises questions about support and durability.

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New Balance RC240

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