Nike Air Streak Ekiden £49.99

Posted: 9 October 2000

Weight 194g
Evaluation The Ekiden is the shoe that Paula Radcliffe wore when she won the Flora London Marathon. Unless you’re as fast and efficient as Paula, though, you will probably have to restrict the Ekiden to shorter races.
Like the Streak, the Ekiden has a Zoom Air cushioning unit in the rearfoot. Unlike the Streak, though, there’s no extra stability – the Ekiden’s midsole is single density, with no medial post. Its ride is as responsive as, but softer than, the Streak’s. it’s also lighter – a feat achieved by using a mesh upper, blown rubber on the forefoot outsole and a smaller polyurethane shank.

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Nike Air Streak Ekiden

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I ran in a pair of these, "borrowed" from the Nike Bowerman bus at the Windsor Half Marathon> I thought they were the dogs dodahs, and have been trying to buy a pair since. My local running shop tell me that they can't get any from Nike, and I can't find any via my normal list of online gear shops. So I thought I'd take a squint at the Nike website, and what a pile of contrived **** it is. Each page takes an age to load, they only feature a very small handful of their shoes and there is absolutely no way of contacting them to try and find out more. So if anyone out there knows where I might lay my hand (or rather feet) on a pair of size 7 Ekidens let me know - and Mr Nike, sort yer website out.
Posted: 07/11/2002 at 15:23

Not sure if these are the same thing, but total fitness (TFN) have something listed as Nike Ekiden. See link to right, under "Shopping Partners"
Posted: 07/11/2002 at 15:29

NikeTown in London... Give em a call!
Posted: 07/11/2002 at 17:11

Well that was a quick response - just 6 minutes. TFN do indeed have some, but at 10 quid more than the price shown in the Runners world review I think I'll carry on looking for a while. Thanks for the speedy reply though.

Posted: 07/11/2002 at 20:30

I tried on some shoes at a nike bus (and have since bought a pair so it must work!). I didnt try the Ekidean but the woman said that since Paula had been wearing them shops were running out of stock - so if you find a pair maybe best buying them straight away.
Posted: 07/11/2002 at 23:17

Purchased a pair of Nike Air Ekidens a few weeks ago having waited for about six weeks for them to arrive at my local running store. Apparently , Nike are a law unto themselves when it comes to fulfiling orders from smaller retail outlets. However, I am very pleased with the shoes and have run two sub 34 minute 10k races in them so far. At around the 200g mark, they feel very light but seem to have enough cushioning in the heel for a comfortable ride. If you are considering buying some light weight racing shoes and you're an efficient, neutral runner with light footfalls these shoes are certainly worth considering.
Posted: 27/04/2003 at 19:49

I'm not as fast as you are, Gonzalez, but I've been enjoying using mine ( £50 Top Trainers, Bournemouth) for all my speed work and races under 10 miles. I think I'm light and efficient enough at around 11 stone, and just sub 40 minutes for 10k. No pains or problems so far and I've had them for a month.
I'd probably better by another pair now in case I can't find any in stock when these wear out.
Posted: 27/04/2003 at 22:27

As the person who works on the "nike bus" in the north of england,I'm hoping I might be able to help?Unfortunately,there have been problems getting hold of the Streak Ekidens,they are an extremely popular racing shoe.The problem is hopefully getting sorted,albeit slowly!!
In terms of the north,several shops normally stock these shoes:
Up and Running Hyde
Personal Best Oldham
Start Fitness Newcastle
Sweatshop Chorley
Natterjack Liverpool (I think!!)

Personally,I love the Ekidens and do most of my trackwork in them and the occasional race when I get the chance!!
Posted: 27/04/2003 at 23:05

Another flurry of responses. It was last October that I was looking for a pair of the Ekidens, and by I Xmas had given up all hope of finding any. So I purchased some Asics DS racers instead (which turned out to be a bit too stiff for me). I then went for a pair of Adidas Adistar Competions, with the carbon pro plate thingy which are lovely, springy and fast - not sure if they're up to a half marathon though. Annoyingly, 2 hours after wearing the Adidas for the first time, I stumbled across a pair of the Ekidens - in my size too! However having bought 2 pairs of racing shoes in the last 5 months, I struggled to justify getting a third pair, and put them back on the shelf. But... if Mr (or Miss) Nike-Bus-North is right, and they are getting out into the shops again I might find it hard to resist again. Especially if they can help me to a 34min 10k ! (Current best is 36:22)
Posted: 28/04/2003 at 15:26

They still do em at Niketown...
Posted: 28/04/2003 at 15:30

Yup I know. It was at Niketown that I found a pair having just broken in 70 quids worth of Adidas shoes. Unfortunately (but not for my bank account), Niketown is not my 'local'. I still do want a pair, thing is can I honestly say that I need them having 2 other pairs of barely worn racers in my shoe cupboard. Maybe I should race twice a week for the next couple of months to wear them out, then I could buy the Nikes' with a clean concience (and a sore pair of knees).
Posted: 28/04/2003 at 22:15

Liz, maybe you could sell your two nearly new pairs of racers on here and in doing so raise the cash for a pair of 7.5 Ekidens. That way you would be able to get the racers that you originally wanted, your conscience woud be clear and your knees would come through it all unscathed - that's assuming that you don't partake in any other form of exercise twice weekly that would give your sore knees ;-)
Posted: 29/04/2003 at 22:31

Just to let you know,I am very much a Mr. Nike-bus-north!!!Good luck finding a pair when your bank account can afford it.Shops should be getting lots of new stock in June.Will let you know as soon as I find out?
Posted: 30/04/2003 at 00:09

Mr Nike-Bus-North please would you be so kind as to enlighten me about the purpose of the "Nike Bus" - is it simply a promotional thing? How does the testing running shoes bit work? Is it like a mobile library for lending out running kit? Also, do you know if there's a Nike-Bus-South to cater for those of us who live on the South coast?
Posted: 01/05/2003 at 20:52

Re Nike buses - there is indeed a Nike-Bus-South, as it was at the Windsor Half that I tried the Ekidens from which this thread originated. The loathsome Nike site has details of when and where they're going to be. Apparatently, you can also book them to come along to your club evening (assuming that you're a member of a club).
You can only borrow the kit (think they only do shoes) for the duration of the event, so more like a reading room than a library - but still a good idea, I think.
Posted: 02/05/2003 at 14:48

I know for a fact that up and running stock the shoes - they do have a mail order service. 0161-366-9191. GL
Posted: 04/05/2003 at 01:23

Thanks for all the notes of shops that currently have stock. However, as you might have noticed I'm a bit of a skinflint and finding a pair of shoes is one thing, parting with money for them is something else. I currently have a quite a few pounds worth of vouchers for 3 different sports shops, by way of race prizes, and rather than spending my own pennies on my 3rd pair of racers I'd rather spend the vouchers. But it would seem that these 3 shops are probably going to be the last in the UK to get any stock.
Posted: 05/05/2003 at 20:53

Gonzalez - Sorry for the delay in replying,computer has been out of action!!The idea behind the Nike Bowerman Van is to visit races and clubs,letting runners try out the shoes for the race or warm-up/down and then getting their thoughts and feedback on the shoes afterwards.Basically,a chance to actually run in the shoes to see what you think of them,without any pressure or obligation to buy,as we are not allowed to sell them.
There is a van in the south,one in the midlands and I cover the north and Scotland (small area!).There is an additional van which covers certain events in London as well.As Liz mentioned,the Nike website gives a list of where the van will be,but unfortunately it is quite slow to download sometimes so stick with it??!Hope this helps?
Posted: 06/05/2003 at 13:49

Hey thanks for the info. sensible, I'll have to have a look at the website though I'm probably not in the market for any more shoes as I only purchased the Ekidens about three weeks ago and yesterday on the spur of the moment picked up a pair of Nike Air Tera Tupus for trail running. That's four pair of running shoes in the last six months now - and I was told that running is a cheap sport!!!! Liz, you must be pretty speedy if you're winning prizes - what sort of times/distances are you running?
Posted: 06/05/2003 at 23:26

Have just seen the Nike Bowerman shoe bus at the Alton 10m. Having just bought two pairs of Bowerman running shoes it came a little late for me but the try before you buy concept has definitely got to be commended.
Posted: 11/05/2003 at 16:50

So far everyone on this thread has been singing the Nike Ekiden's praises so I just thought I'd take the opportunity to give them a slating. It's official - the Ekiden is rubbish for cross country running. I've just tested it on a 7 mile XC that the Runner's World web site advertised as a 10k road race! I can report that in deep boggy mud the shoe has zero stability and running through grassy fields in them is more akin to ice skating. My once lovely sparkling Ekidens, please forgive me for my trespasses!
Posted: 26/05/2003 at 18:44

Gonzalez,I'm sure that the next version of the Ekidens will have a spike plate attached in case of any cross-country racing?
It was actually me at the Alton 10m with the Nike Bus,I was covering the event for the southern van driver!!Nice race,although I heard there were one or two hills???
Posted: 27/05/2003 at 10:46


My name's Dan and I've been considering buying a pair of the Nike Ekidens. I'm light, at a tad under 11 stones and run quite efficiently and neutrally. I'm around the 40min for 10k mark at the moment. However, I'm worried about running with these on the pavement for my speed sessions (roughly 5-6 miles). More reports from people who are still using these would be really appreciated. I want something nice and light but don't want to mess my knees up! Any Thoughts?
Posted: 27/05/2003 at 17:44

Hi Dan,
I'm exactly 11 stone, and, like you around 40 minutes for 10k. I've been using the Ekidens for all races, up to and including 1/2 marathon. No problems so far. I'm a forefoot striker which I think is important, since they don't have as much heel cushioning as most shoes. I train on the road mainly, and use the Ekidens for all speed sessions. I just bought a pair of Nike Vapors to use for 5K races, although I may also try them in a 10k next week.
Posted: 27/05/2003 at 22:08

I've been using these for racing only - did a half marathon in them recently and legs hurt MUCH more afterwards then ever before (8 1/2 stone sub 40 10K). Like them lots for shorter races though. Wouldn't train in them.
Posted: 28/05/2003 at 00:10

As the Streak Ekidens are a very light racing shoe,they are not designed to take a lot of mileage.I'd recommend using them for trackwork and racing but possibly not for longer speedwork sessions on the road.They only have a thin zoom air unit on the heel and normal phylon foam in the forefoot,this is designed to keep the weight of the shoe down.
A good alternative is the Skylon as they are still lighter than a normal road shoe but have substantially more cushioning?
Posted: 28/05/2003 at 12:19

i'm 13st10lbs, and fairly neutral. would the Streak Ekidens be suitable for me, or am I too heavy?
Posted: 28/05/2003 at 15:57

I hate to say it but you may well struggle with the Ekidens as the cushioning is really quite limited.Try the Skylons if you are looking for a lighter shoe for racing?
Posted: 28/05/2003 at 22:47

i'll keep working on that diet then, and get some skylons in the meantime.
Posted: 29/05/2003 at 09:26

Desperately want some eikdens,am 9 1/2 stone,run a 10k at around 34-35 mins.Am running half marathon at weekend ,looking to running 78 mins,would i be ok to run in eikdens for that length at 6 min miling??
Posted: 17/06/2003 at 17:40

If you can't nobody can! I've run half marathon in them and I'm 15% slower and heavier than you.
Posted: 18/06/2003 at 00:32

Paula Radcliffe ran a marathon in them so as long as you don't usually have problems with shoes with very little support/cushioning you might be OK. My legs hurt after my half in Eikdens, but I didn't actually injure myself....
Posted: 18/06/2003 at 00:34

Sensible, what sort of weight do I need to get down to for the Ekidens to be suitable?
Posted: 18/06/2003 at 11:06

JE - there is no specific weight limit on wearing the Ekidens,it just depends on what distance you'll be wearing them for and how heavy on your feet you are.I'm 10 stone but wouldnt wear them for more than 10km/10 miles as I land pretty heavy,but that doesnt mean that it will be the same for everyone else.As Emer pointed out,Paula managed a 2.17 marathon in them last year so they cant be too minimal.Sorry that I cant give you a definitive answer!!
Posted: 18/06/2003 at 11:28

Forgot to mention,the best way to find out if they suit you is to try them from one of the Bowerman trial vans,which visit races clubs and stores throughout the UK.
Posted: 18/06/2003 at 11:30

sensible, do you have a copy of the schedule, one on the bowerman site is only for Nov onwards
Posted: 18/06/2003 at 12:15

The website is currently undergoing a facelift and will hopefully be back working with a full 4 van schedule very soon.If you are from the north then I can let you know where I'll be heading?
Posted: 19/06/2003 at 23:28

yeah, i'm in leeds. mail me if you could please. you any idea where to get the kit off the new site from?
Posted: 20/06/2003 at 11:08

sensible - I ran in a pair of these at the Ackworth 10k the other night. They were a dream. I'm going to find a pair somewhere before I come off the net tonight. I will try a half marathon in them, then a 20 mile run and if all goes well try to run an autumn marathon in them.

Thanks for your help the other night!
Posted: 20/06/2003 at 22:39

I also tried a pair of these from the Nike Bowerman van at a recent race I did in Ireland and smashed my 10km PB. Very happy with them and also thinking of buying a pair although have noticed that the Vapor are on special offer at moment for 30 quid. Barnsley runner - can you let us know what price you find for the Ekiden on line.

One question I have is do the Ekiden have stability features as I have seen conflicting opinions. I am neutral and felt comfortle in them on the 10km I tried

Posted: 21/06/2003 at 15:08

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