Nike Air Streak Ventulus £64.99

Posted: 17 June 2000

Weight 164g
Evaluation Nike says this is ‘great for all road-race distances up to the marathon for efficient runners’. At 164g, we’d probably change that to ‘up to 5K’ for all but elite runners. It actually has reasonably perky cushioning (though we use the word ‘cushioning’ guardedly), but the Japanese-targeted design is so narrow that many Western runners will feel as though they’re running on half a shoe. For the record, there’s a 4mm Zoom Air unit in the rearfoot, and wet-traction rubber in the heel and forefoot.

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Nike Air Streak Ventulus

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Has anyone ever used these, I saw an offer on them, I need some light racing shoes.
Any comments would be great !


Posted: 24/10/2002 at 12:23


Posted: 24/10/2002 at 14:04

Posted: 24/10/2002 at 14:33

Posted: 24/10/2002 at 14:34

Nike/Bowerman had a selection at the Ackworth 10k and were trying out a marketing ploy where they allowed racers to try shoes before and even during the race. I tried the Ventulus and now have bought on-line from Bourne sports ( yes, they've given me good service in the past; will they deliver this time???). Reduced from £65 to £35
Posted: 22/06/2003 at 08:13

David - I'm glad that you liked the ventulus when you tried them at the Ackworth 10km.Its not a marketing ploy though,its just a chance for runners to try without the pressure of buying.Plus,we are trying to get the feedback from genuine runners.
To answer Cassia's question,the Ventulus is 190gms for size 8,so a very light and flexible racing shoe.Try them off one of the Bowerman vans if you get a chance?
Posted: 23/06/2003 at 20:05

Sensible. Didn't mean marketing ploy in any sort of derogatory way. I think it's a great idea; I bought a pair of racers I now KNOW are OK.
The RW site for shoe info has the Ventulus at 164g. Comments?
Posted: 23/06/2003 at 21:57

It seems that there are always discrepancies about shoe weight between various sources!!!!I know that the Nike Vapor racing shoe is definitely 166gms and I'm certain that the Ventulus is heavier.190gms was the weight I was given during my product training?
Glad that you like the Ventulus,happy running...
Posted: 24/06/2003 at 15:57

might be different sizes? (for the weight discrepancy) I think RW use size 8 UK
Posted: 25/06/2003 at 14:16

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