Reebok Fusion C £99.99

Posted: 16 June 2000

Weight 373g
Evaluation Fusion is Reebok’s name for any shoe that combines Ultralite midsole/outsole foam with any element of DMX moving-air cushioning. While the £50 Fusion V simply uses the thin airbag that normally sits on top of Reebok’s DMX chambers, the Fusion C uses the chambers as well. The theory behind DMX chambers is that as your feet roll through the gait cycle, they gain cushioning and stability by pushing air from one chamber to the next. If the Fusion C looks familiar, it’s because it’s this spring’s Sky DMX Lite with a new upper.
The good news is that it’s 20g lighter, and it’s lost the weird quilted upper. It’s still nothing like the original Fusion, which was a lightweight performance trainer, but it’s a decent cushioned shoe on a broad platform. If you like the idea of Reebok’s 10-chamber DMX system and you’re wondering whether to go for the Fusion C or the £90 Icon 10 DMX, you’ll find the Fusion C the lighter, smoother option, with a more flexible forefoot feel. The Fusion C also has a broader fit.
In short We couldn’t, hand on heart, say that the Fusion C was worth £100, but if you like the looks and the fit, it’s hard to imagine that you’d be disappointed by the feel. It’s a decent day-in, day-out option for light and midweight runners who have no biomechanical problems but want a smooth shoe with a relatively stable base.
Try it if you liked Reebok Sky DMX Lite (£90); Asics Gel Cumulus (£65); New Balance 1020 (£70); Nike Air Exeter (£80)

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Reebok Fusion C

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