Reebok Fusion V £49.99

Posted: 16 June 2000

Weight 311g
Evaluation Over the last few years, only Ultralite has kept Reebok competitive with other running brands. This combined midsole and outsole material has proved to be smooth, light, and surprisingly durable, and it’s been best used in Reebok’s £50 shoes, the Areeba, and, more recently, the Electrolyte.
To all intents and purposes, the bottom half of the new Fusion V is the same as that of the Electrolyte, which it replaces. It has exactly the same broad midsole and outsole, with a grooved, flexible forefoot, and a simple and effective rubber medial plug for a little added rearfoot stability. The only change has been the addition of a very thin air bag called an I-Pak, for a fractionally softer feel.
The only disappointment about the Fusion V is its upper. Its fit is reasonable (a little too roomy in the forefoot for some), but it looks like the sort of thing you’d find on a £30 supermarket shoe.
In short It looks cheap, but it rides well: if you want a relatively quick everyday shoe at £50, the Fusion V is one of your best options. It’s best for runners with no severe weight or stability problems.
Try it if you liked Reebok Electrolyte (£50); Reebok Areeba (£60); Nike Air Skylon (£60)

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Reebok Fusion V

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